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Writer torn about upcoming election

Writer torn about upcoming election

Dear Tante Camilla,

Are you going to vote for the upcoming election? I’m so torn on whom to vote for in the presidential race. I don’t like Hillary Clinton but I also think Donald Trump is crazy too. I think I’m just not going to vote.


Worried about America

Dear Worried:

Beb, it’s up to you if you vote or not; but I always tell people this: If you don’t vote, then don’t let me hear you complain about the outcome. Tante Camilla always votes because a long time ago women didn’t have that right. My momma used to talk about the time when she first got to vote and how proud and scared she was. Now we just take it for granted.

Anyway, bonjour, mes amis. This is Tante Camilla ready to give you some advice. So venez ici and écoutez.

I’m not going to tell you who you should vote for, chere. That’s up to you. But you better think about some things. Chances are you or someone you love works in the oilfield. So you need to look at the person who is going to do the best for the oil and gas industry. I think both those couyons have a few screws loose but one of them will be better for us down here.

What they ought to do is let a Cajun run the Maison Blanc for a few years. I read somewhere that Obama spent almost $1 million on just one dinner party at the Maison Blanc. $1 million! No wonder America is broke! You know what a coon ass can do with that much money! We can make a big enough gumbo to feed the whole country and still have enough to freeze for another meal. We need to elect someone who knows how to save money because things are bad, bad. The people need jobs.

Eh ben, c'est tout pour asteur. When I get another question you’ll get another answer.

-Tante Camilla

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