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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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World Record Gumbo Event makes Larose ‘home’

World Record Gumbo Event makes Larose ‘home’

There is something to be said about the feelings, experiences and life that comes along with living in a small town. Whether it’s the comfort of knowing each other or the support they have for one another, calling these small communities ‘home’ brings about a sense of belonging.

These are exactly the reasons the World Record Gumbo Event chose to make Larose ‘home’.
The moment the coordinators of the World Record Gumbo Event stepped foot into Lafourche Parish, the community was a willing partner in more ways than one. It’s almost as if everyone understands now is the time the community needs to come together with so many unsure of what tomorrow may bring.

“I was told ‘if you are not from the area, people may treat you differently,’” said Cynthia Caronna, Executive Director of the World Record Gumbo Event. “It was different, beautifully different. The warmth and generosity afforded our event has been heartwarming.”

In the beginning stages of planning the WRG event, there had to be a location that could handle an event of this size. In walked Jasmine Ayo and the Larose Civic Center. From the very instant the idea of hosting this event was presented, Ayo and her staff have been on board. Ayo and her staff have certainly stepped up to offer their skills, talents and knowledge of the area and its people.

Once the location was secured, the World Record Gumbo Event coordinators had to reach out for support and participation in the actual making of the 5,000-pound pot of gumbo. As you can imagine, that pot requires a lot of food to make the world record count.

In steps the LeBoeuf family and their support through Frank’s Supermarkets. Having been founded by their father, Frank LeBoeuf in 1978, Frank’s understands the importance of community and fostering visions that seek to help its people. This very concept is what helped LeBoeuf step out from behind the vision of someone else’s dream and create his own that would provide for those in many generations to come.

“Even during this downturn in the area’s economy, the people of Lafourche have been extremely willing to share of their time, effort and resources,” noted Caronna.

Shifting into gear once the call was made, Dwayne Rebstock and Fourchon Transportation Services are going above and beyond to help coordinators bring the community together with a safe and successful event.

“We are glad to be here for our community,” Rebstock said. “Providing transportation is our business and we’re glad to be able to help with the gumbo event.”

The transportation services will begin the morning of the event at 10:30 a.m. running through 8:30 p.m. that night. A detailed schedule with times, pick-up and drop-off locations can be found at or on Facebook at World Record Gumbo.

So, as November 7th draws closer, make a note on your calendar to drop by the Larose Civic Center to take advantage of the free admission into the World Record Gumbo Event, enjoy a free bowl of gumbo, delight in the fun and amazement of seeing the gumbo eating contest and kick back with the 30-foot screen that will be available to watch the LSU Tigers roar past the Alabama Crimson Tide.