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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Woman wants others to know about insurance, Medicare issues

Woman wants others to know about insurance, Medicare issues

Recently I called Blue Cross and Blue Shield to let them know I went on Medicare. I was told since I had medical insurance through the Marketplace, they had to cancel my insurance. 

I called them only to be told since I was on an individual plan it couldn’t be cancelled on September 1, that I had to wait until September 17 to have my insurance cancelled. Also that even though it will mean I have double coverage I am responsible to pay for both insurance (they could have cancelled on September 1 if I was not on individual plan). 

I explained that no one told me this had to be done two weeks in advance, but it makes no difference. I want other seniors to k now that if they are on Marketplace they have to cancel 2 weeks in advance or pay for double coverage. I just want to know. 

They are making us get coverage, who gave them the right to make us pay for double coverage.

Margo Reclus