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Woman needs advice on holiday outing

Woman needs advice on holiday outing

Dear Tante Camilla,

My husband is going to be offshore for New Year’s Eve and all my friends and their husbands are going out to the city to celebrate. I can’t decide if I should go or just stay home since my husband won’t be with me. What do you think?


New Year Blues

Dear New Year Blues:

Beb, you wouldn’t catch me going celebrate in the city whether I had my husband or 10 body guards with me. They all gone plum crazy up there. They uncivilized. Shooting everybody, even little kids, for no reason at all. So you know how I feel about that.

Anyway, bonjour, mes amis. This is Tante Camilla ready to give you some advice. So venez ici and écoutez.

In my days, a woman didn’t go out when her husband was off working unless she was a bonne a rienne. I know it’s different now-a-days, but I also know that people talk just the same. Maybe you would go out and not do anything wrong at all; but, how would you feel at minuit when everyone’s kissing their someone special and you’re just standing there like a boscoyo? Or, what if it were you that was working and your husband wanted to go out with his podnas? Would you be okay with that?

Me, I know I wouldn’t. I would have passed my pauvre Clovis a calotte like he wouldn’t have believed if he would have even thought about going out without me. I guess it’s really up to what you and your husband are comfortable with. Just remember, come minuit, you might be lonesome for your husband.

Plus, why spend all that money and time pouponering yourself to go to the city and get killed by some maniacs.

Eh ben, c'est tout pour asteur. When I get another question you’ll get another answer.

-Tante Camilla

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