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Woman facing dilemma over grandma names

Woman facing dilemma over grandma names

Dear Tante Camilla,

I recently found out that my daughter is pregnant! I’m so excited! The only problem is, I think I’m too young to be called granny, mamere or maw-maw. What do you think of some of the newer names grandmas are being called like honey, gigi or mimi? I think I should be able to choose what to be called and my daughter thinks she should be able to choose what the baby will call me. What do you think?


Baby on the way

Dear Baby on the way:

Félicitations à vous! You must be very excitayed. I remember when ma fille had her first baybay. Such a happy time. I thought the baby would call me mamère like I had called my mamère but when he started talking he would call me moom, moom. Imagine that. It sounded like he was calling me the moon. My pauvre Clovis, rest his soul, would just laugh and laugh. To this day my petit boug still calls me his moom.

Anyway, bonjour, mes amis. This is Tante Camilla ready to give you some advice. So venez ici and écoutez.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with all those new names that people want to be called like honey and gigi but I don’t know what that means. In French, mamère means my mother so it makes sense to be called that because the baby’s mom is saying my mother. Or grandmère means grandmother and that makes sense. You might confuse your grandbaby and make him think that you taste like some honey if he calls you honey. Tante Camilla is just kidding about that, beb.

Now about who gets to choose the name: I guess since it’s what the baby will call you, your daughter just needs to stop being a tête deur and let you decide. You need to like what you will be called after all. But at the same time, don’t get too stuck on a name because you never know what that baybay is going to start calling you. They have words that fill their head and there’s nothing we can do to change them. Talk about some tête deurs. Chère baybays.

Well, c'est tout pour asteur. When I get another question you’ll get another answer.

Also, I would like to thank the people who called to see why I didn’t write anything for the Gazette last week. Tante Camilla had the mal au couer but I drank a little 7-up and ate some crackettes and I’m feeling better now.

-Tante Camilla

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