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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Why go somewhere else when you can adopt a pet in your own backyard?

Why go somewhere else when you can adopt a pet in your own backyard?

Entering its third month of offering Saturday hours, with the next scheduled for April 4, officials with the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter (LPAS) in Thibodaux have seen a number of successful adoptions of cats and dogs.

Among these success stories is the Collura family from New Orleans.

The Collura’s found out about LPAS from someone else and decided to come check them out.

So, what did they find?

According to Stacy Collura, the family found a professional and courtesy staff and a new pet Beagle to love and care for.

“We had a Beagle that died on Christmas Day from heartworms. For days later we adopted another Beagle (Eva) from a rescue group in Kenner. We decided we wanted a second Beagle and eventually discovered the shelter here (LPAS). We drove down on a Saturday, and that’s when we first met Sadie,” Collura said.

Any concern the family had about Sadie getting along with Eva was quickly eliminated when the two saw each other for the first time.

“It was amazing to see the smile on both the dog’s faces. They became best friends immediately. What’s funny is they even take naps together,” Collura said.

Collura said she loves promoting pet adoption and would love to see more people visit shelters when they are looking for another addition to their families.

“I know I have spread the word far and wide about the shelter in Lafourche,” she said. “These shelters have so many beautiful dogs and cats in need of loving families to go home to.”

With this said, LPAS will be open from 8 a.m. to noon for adoption as well as spay and neuter sign-ups.

This will mark the first Saturday where LPAS, located at 934 Highway 3185, Thibodaux, rolls out it new adoption fee schedule to reflect the cost of spay/neutering PRIOR to adoption of any animal.

The adoption fee for any cat or kitten will be $50, which includes all age appropriate vaccines, combo test, microchip, and spay/neuter.

For dogs or puppies, the fee will be $100, which includes all the same things as listed above.
Similar to February and March, Knight said she’s continuing to look for volunteers to help assist her at the shelter on April 4.

“I want to encourage anyone over the age of 18 to contact us to see how you can assist us with this effort,” she said.

Lafourche Parish Government’s Deputy Director of Community Services Reggie Bagala said the Saturday openings were and continue to be an effort to meet the public’s demand for more flexible shelter hours.

“For a while now, residents have told us they would like to have the opportunity to visit our shelter on the weekend so it wouldn’t interfere with their work schedules,” said Bagala, who added these weekend openings will be scheduled for the first Saturday of each month moving forward as long as community volunteers step forward. “This is an attempt to give residents something they have asked for. We are hopeful residents take advantage of these new Saturday hours and come check out the cats and dogs we have available for adoption.”

To volunteer and learn more about LPAS, call (985) 446-3532, visit or click on the Animal Shelter adoption link in the top rotator box at