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Sunday, November 18, 2018

What A Life

  • Watching and reflecting on an old movie can raise life’s deep questions

    I recently watched the movie “Rebel Without a Cause” starring James Dean and Natalie Wood. The movie hit the screens in 1955, that’s 63 years ago. I think I saw it twice when it originally came out but that was decades ago.The only thing I remember well from “way back when” were the two violent scenes.

  • Spirituality is essential for human happiness and mental health

    Dr. David N. Elkins, in an article in Psychology Today, entitled “Spirituality: It’s What’s Missing in Mental Health,” shares his own faith journey:“During my first therapy session years ago, the therapist listened to me as no one had ever listened before.

  • We continue to learn from the difficulties, struggles and faith of others We continue the life story of Ronald Griffin, Sr. from last week.

    Ronald’s financial situation improved over the years but some of his bad habits stayed with him.He writes, “I kept being jealous and mean to my wonderful wife and my number one son, poor baby. I was so mean and jealous that I didn’t want my wife to go anywhere, not even to church. But she would go to church when I was at work for seven days.”When one person tries to control another, it’s not love.

  • We can learn much from the struggles, difficulties and faith of others

    A few months ago Ronald Griffin, Sr. from Golden Meadow, LA, gave me a 23-page typed written manuscript of his life and ask if I would read it and possibility use it in my columns.I finally read it and because of the length, I have divided his life story in two columns.Ronald was born on May 22, 1935. He had six older siblings who were all born about 18-20 months apart.

  • Jesus’ command to love one another as I have loved you is the essence of being a Christian

    Love exists not because we love but because God loves us. Love exists with or without us. Jesus chooses to love all of us all the time, whether or not we return that love.Love is God’s command.

  • Real or authentic life is the life of a person who lives in Christ

    Throughout the Gospel of John the author gives us many other images where Jesus says “I am.” Jesus says, “I am the bread of life,” “I am the Good Shepherd,” “I am the living water.”These wonderful images talk about the necessity of our being nourished and protected by Jesus. Yet the image of the vine and the branches goes even further. Our Lord tells us that our life flows directly from his life.

  • Mothers observe Jesus’ command "To wash each others feet" by their life

    When Jesus instituted the Eucharist and washed his disciples’ feet, he gave us gestures of love “that allow the church to grow if we are faithful to our calling,” Pope Francis said in his April 26 homily during Mass at St. Martha’s Church.“Without love, (the church) does not grow, but rather becomes an empty institution of appearances, of gestures without fruitfulness,” he said. “Jesus tells how we should love: unconditionally until the end.”The po...

  • The Good Shepherd wants an eternal relationship with us

    The comic strip, The Wizard of Id, once portrayed the little king addressing the people from his balcony. “As I greet you today,” he began, “I want you to think of me as your shepherd watching over you as a shepherd guards his flock.” One citizen turned to another and said, “Better bundle up, Joe, we’re about to be fleeced.”The world has seen too many leaders who have “fleeced” their followers. They increase their personal wealth and power wi...

  • The ABC’s of Faith are a good guide of how we should be living

    For the past few weeks, the live self-help program on Houma’s HTV Channel 10 has been dealing with “The ABC’s of Faith.” Panelists have been breaking down the meaning of these ABC’s.In today’s column I want my readers to know the scripture passages behind the words. There are different translations in various Bibles so some of these quotations may not be the same as the Bible you are reading. However, the meaning is the same.Ask and it will be given to you.

  • Jesus’ Resurrection has given our bodies a new dignity and importance

    On Easter Sunday, I heard someone wishing another person a “Happy Resurrection” instead of “Happy Easter.” That might be more “spiritually correct.” However, scholars are not exactly sure of the origin of the word “Easter.”One theory is that the mythical figure Eostre was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the sunrise and the spring. They named the direction of the sunrise, East, for her. The sunrise became a symbol of the Resurrection.

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