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Sunday, February 17, 2019

What A Life

  • Listening to others in a non-judgmental way takes hard work on many levels

    Has anyone ever yelled at you and said, “You’re not listening to me!”Or sometimes I wonder whether God yells at us with the same message, “You’re not listening to me!”Listening to others is so important yet it takes a lot of work. The following reflection is called “Please Listen.” The author is Leo Buscaglia. I will use paragraphs from the poem and add my own insights.“When I ask you to listen to me and you start giving me advice, you have n...

  • Facing our death will have an overwhelming influence on how we live

    Boudreaux and Thibodaux were fishing at the end of a bayou. They had put up a sign that read, “The end is near. Turn yourself around.”After a while, a car came speeding along.

  • The Widow’s Mite can inspire the spirit of love, caring and thanksgiving

    Some gospels have their own special identity. For example, when someone says, “The Good Samaritan” everyone knows the story of the man who was robbed and left half-dead. The clergy passed on the other side of the street but the Samaritan stopped and took pity on the man and looked after his needs.Another example is “The Widow’s Mite.” (The Mite was a small Greek coin worth about a couple of cents).

  • Ignatius of Antioch welcomed martyrdom in Rome as a ticket to Heaven

    Ignatius of Antioch (35-107) was converted to Christianity and eventually became bishop of Antioch. In the year 107, Emperor Trajan visited Antioch and forced the Christians to renounce Christ or face death. Ignatius refused to deny Christ and was condemned to die in Rome.On the way to Rome, Ignatius wrote seven letters urging Christians to remain faithful to God and to obey their superiors.

  • Only love can break through the current hate and violence in our society

     We cannot risk being negative, hateful, critically minded, or a gossiper because we will not be usable instruments of God. That’s why Jesus commanded us to love. This is most urgent and crucial.Rev.

  • Self-discipline, not instant gratification, is the key to true happiness

    In the 6th chapter of Matthew Kelly’s book Perfectly Yourself, he makes this statement about people in our world today:“Our culture often prescribes instant gratification as a cure for our deep desire for happiness. As a result we often fall into the trap of believing that we would be happy if we could just do what we feel like doing at any given moment. Our insatiable appetite for instant gratification tends to lead us farther and farther away from character, virtue, integrity, whol...

  • Steel Magnolias is a excellent example of how to deal with grief

    A couple of weeks ago, I saw the play Steel Magnolias at the Thibodaux Playhouse. I had seen the play before and also the movie but this time I was moved to tears over the basic message of the play. Two weeks ago, I published the 10 stages of grief as a help for those who have lost a love one.

  • Knowing the 10 stages of grief will help us when we lose someone close to us

    When we lose someone close to us, we experience various stages of grief.Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross described five stages of grief. Today, knowledgeable hospice workers have expanded them to 10.

  • We have a choice between our ego and our character … choose character

    I am reading Matthew Kelly’s book, Perfectly Yourself, and I would like to share some of his insights. He says we have a choice to either feed our ego or our character.Our ego is our sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Our ego tells us to impress others with how important we are or what we can achieve in life.

  • Many people today are lost; share God’s good news so they can find peace

    A large wooden crate with a big dog inside rested on a railroad station platform. The dog was very sad. It wasn’t that he was ugly or abused.

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