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Sunday, October 14, 2018

What A Life

  • Knowing the 10 stages of grief will help us when we lose someone close to us

    When we lose someone close to us, we experience various stages of grief.Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross described five stages of grief. Today, knowledgeable hospice workers have expanded them to 10.

  • We have a choice between our ego and our character … choose character

    I am reading Matthew Kelly’s book, Perfectly Yourself, and I would like to share some of his insights. He says we have a choice to either feed our ego or our character.Our ego is our sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Our ego tells us to impress others with how important we are or what we can achieve in life.

  • Many people today are lost; share God’s good news so they can find peace

    A large wooden crate with a big dog inside rested on a railroad station platform. The dog was very sad. It wasn’t that he was ugly or abused.

  • Dealing with loss, closure is not a legal matter … it’s a matter of inner healing

    All of us have experienced some type of personal loss. We can lose many things – a job, a pet, our health, personal objects, the ending of a relationship, or grieving for our pending death. The most devastating of all losses is the death of a close loved one.In 1969, Dr.

  • God has placed all good desires in our heart to be used for our growth

    Our hearts have many desires that are constantly clamoring to be satisfied.We desire security: we want to feel safe in our homes, safe while we are driving on our highways, crossing bridges, flying in planes, eating food, having adequate finances and reasonable protection from hurricanes and floods.We desire comfort during the day to relax and enjoy some kind of entertainment, sleep peacefully, be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We desire pleasure from food, and we who live in this pa...

  • Sen. McCain left us a legacy of how to be a public servant with integrity

    We buried Senator John McCain this past weekend but his spirit and legacy continues to inspire us. He was a man of integrity who spoke out for what he believed was in the best interest of the American people.We might not agree with every position he supported, but we have to admire him for standing up for his beliefs even if they went against again his party’s stance of various issues.In his farewell statement, he shows us true Christian values – humility for making mistakes, gratitu...

  • We must honestly deal with the culture that allowed the abuse of children

    The recent report of the Pennsylvania grand jury on clerical sexual abuse has shaken the faith of many people in Southern Louisiana and our whole country. The number of victims and perpetrators mentioned in the report is staggering. The pain and hurt inflicted on children over decades; the lives of hundreds of individuals and families whom these crimes have severely affected upset all of us.Moreover the cover-ups that failed to protect these children and end this sinful behavior are appalling an...

  • We should not judge or profile a person by their outward appearances

    The following edited story was sent to me by a reader:Our house was right across the street from the John Hopkins Hospital clinic’s entrance in Baltimore. We lived downstairs and rented the upstairs rooms to outpatients at the clinic.One summer evening when I was fixing supper, someone knocked at the door. I opened it to see a truly awful looking man.

  • In dealing with additions, we have to look at the “whys” behind the problem

    When we deal with addictions like the present drug problem, we usually explore what the addicts are using and how they got started using their preferred drug. We often look at the source of the drugs and try to find ways to prevent its spread and how can we warn potential users of its dangers. What we rarely discuss is the “why.”Why do people turn to drugs in the first place?Dr.

  • The gospels encourage us to approach Jesus with faith, trust and confidence.

    Matthew, Mark and Luke all have the story of Jesus working a miracle within a miracle in their gospels. Mark gives us a few more details in his account about Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead and the hemorrhage woman who touched his garment.Jairus was an official of the synagogue. You would think that an official of the synagogue would be hostile to Jesus.

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