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Sunday, August 25, 2019

What A Life

  • Suicide rates among the elderly in America are rising

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide in the USA is on the rise. Of the more than 47,000 suicides that took place in 2017, those 65 and older accounted for more than 8,500 deaths, that’s about one out of every five.While we might expect suicide rates to be high among teenagers and those facing mid-life crises, it was alarming to me to see how high it was among our senior citizens.There are many reasons why elderly adults are more susceptible to the nation&rsqu...

  • Wise people have an easy time recalling their blessings, not their worries

    In a recent interview on National Public Radio’s Story Corps, Walter Dixon, a 90-year-old veteran of three wars, spoke to his son Russ Dixon about how, after a case of mistaken identity, he returned home to find that his world had moved on without him.Walter Dixon had been married for just five days when he was shipped off to Korea for his second war deployment. About a year later, at age 22, he was declared dead. When they published his obituary in the local paper, his wife back home in W...

  • Most powerful quotes of all time

     I came across a series of quotations called, “28 Most Powerful Quotes Of All Time.”Read them slowly and use them for meditating.1. “Love is a verb. Love, the feeling, is a fruit of love, the verb.” (Stephen Covey)2.

  • As God’s creatures, we are truly adopted children of the One we call Love

    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all believe in only one God. The rest of the world religions believe in many gods, perhaps hundreds or thousands, but Judaism, Christianity, and Islam teach that there is only one God.Christianity adds a unique element to the belief in one God. We believe that our one God is manifest in three persons.

  • The following is an open letter from Rev. Deth Im, Director of Training and Development for Faith in Action, urging us to treat all immigrants with Ch

    My family immigrated to the United States in 1973, before war and genocide destroyed Cambodia.As I reflect on my immigrant experience, I’m grateful that time and again, I was blessed to be in relationships with people who treated me as neighbor rather than as other.To be clear, there have been times when I’ve been “otherized.” Once in college, I was filling up my gas tank and a car drove by in which a guy yelled out the window, “Stupid Chink, go back to where you ca...

  • In truly religious acts we discover who we are in God and who God is in us

    One basic question we humans ask of ourselves is: “Who am I?”It’s a short but complicated question that takes many years to come up with a truly satisfying answer. As adults we usually start by defining our role in life – I’m a “butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, etc.” Yet our roles in life are not who we are. That’s what we do; it’s not who we are.Also, we should not define ourselves by our past – good or bad.

  • In the 1980's some doctors and nurses refused to treat patients with AIDS

    A new documentary tells the story of America’s first inpatient unit at San Francisco Hospital dedicated to the care of patients with AIDS. Nurse Cliff Morrison helped create Ward “5B” in 1983, and worked with Dr. Paul Volberding to give patients compassionate care.I listened to Terry Gross’ interview of Morrison and Volberding on National Public Radio’s Fresh Air.

  • Pornography is a distortion of God’s purpose for human sexuality

    Pornography is a problem that is difficult to deal with because we don’t know how to talk about it. In the old days porn was confined to graphic novels, magazines or DVDs. Today 71 percent of adults, 85 percent of teens and young adults who have viewed pornography did so using websites or smartphones.Viewers can watch porn whenever and wherever they want.For some teenagers their distorted sexual education has come from pornography.

  • How do we go about making the most important decisions in our lives?

    Life is complicated. Easy answers are not always available for the choices we have to make. Should I go here or there?

  • Jesus wants to help us overcome any fears so we can experience true peace

    Years ago, advice columnist Ann Landers would receive about 10,000 letters a month. When someone asked her what was the most common topic, she answered that most people are afraid of something. They are afraid of losing their health, their job, family members, afraid of upsetting their neighbors, alienating a friend, or committing a social mistake.We live in a world of fearful people.In John’s gospel Jesus tells us: “Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not be afraid.”Don...

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