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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Vitter Addresses Residents At Town Hall Meeting

Vitter Addresses Residents At Town Hall Meeting

Senator David Vitter shares a laugh with a constituent Tuesday afternoon during his Town Hall Meeting at the Larose Civic Center.

U.S. Senator David Vitter was in Larose Tuesday afternoon, addressing residents on a variety of topics at a question and answer session at the Larose Civic Center.  

Vitter spoke to a crowd of about 50 people on a variety of topics confronting the area and the nation, including the looming fight over higher flood insurance rates. 

The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 is expected to raise flood insurance rates of local homeowners and businesses to mostly unaffordable levels unless the legislation can be amended or altered in some way. 

Vitter said he plans to ask Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrator Craig Fugate to give specific proposals for reforms to the legislation at upcoming hearings of the Senate Banking Committee. 

“We need to avoid these potentially disastrous and unaffordable increases to our local homeowners and businesses,” he said.

Vitter also addressed the burgeoning federal debt of the United States.

“We have to stop the runaway spending in Washington.  The left wants a bigger and more powerful government and conservatives like me have a fundamental difference with President Obama on this issue,” he said. 

Vitter is a co-sponsor for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would not allow the federal government to spend more than it takes in for a fiscal year. 

“When you find yourself in a hole,” he said, “you stop digging.” 

The senator also addressed the need for a vibrant domestic energy industry by saying that the federal government should “get out of the way” and let permits flow more freely which would allow more discovery and production of natural energy assets. 

Vitter has introduced legislation that would open more of the Outer Continental Shelf to oil and gas drilling, noting that if passed it would create millions of new and spin off jobs. 

On the topic of Obamacare, Vitter was asked if there is any chance that the program could be defunded.  He said the answer was yes, but that it was not likely due to the Democratic control of the U.S. Senate and the fact that the President would have to sign a bill into law defunding his own program.

“Yes, it is possible but not very likely,” he said to chuckles from the crowd. 

On other topics, Vitter spoke about the need for fundamental tax reform, his support for photo identification when casting an election ballot, and his opposition to the current immigration reform legislation before the Congress. 

“The current bill seems to state that it’s amnesty now and enforcement later.  I was against that in the Senate and the bill seems to be stalled in the House.”