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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Veterans Day Message from VFW Post 8538

Veterans Day Message from VFW Post 8538

What is a Veteran - a former member of the Armed Forces - an individual who served in the U.S. military, Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Veteran’s Day – a day set aside in commemoration of the end of hostilities in 1918 and 1945.

November is the month when we pause to look back at the wars America has fought and to honor those who gave so much in service to our community.

Across America on November 11 – Veteran’s Day will be celebrated – a day known as Armistice Day. It was known as Armistice Day because it marked the end of the first, truly Global War, World War I – the “War to end all Wars”. Bells will toll, rifles will bark out salutes to bravery and courage, and buglers will capture the solemn feelings of millions as they send forth the sad yet powerful notes of Taps.

In speeches, heroism will be extolled and sacrifices recalled.

In all of these observances, the toll of war will be recounted. World War I: 116,708 killed, 204,000 wounded; World War II: 407,316 killed, 670,846 wounded; Korea: 54,246 killed, 203,284 wounded; Vietnam: 58,000 killed and 153,303 wounded; Afghanistan and Iraq, 6,000 killed.

The other figures that will be recounted are those of the POW/MIAs, (Prisoners Of War and Missing In Action) – unaccounted for but not forgotten.

In looking at the toll of war we must never forget that in those figures is also the price of freedom. Louisianans should be aware of Louisiana’s freedom and why!

Today’s young people should be aware of who the veteran is! Stop and think! Who do you personally know that was a veteran? Can you say who that person is? Was he or she related to you - your father, mother, uncle or grandfather? Did that person play a part in American history?

When we honor our comrades and sisters on or during Veteran’s Day, we do more than just honor them for the sacrifices they suffered; we honor them for the future they have given us.

In this century, Americans have never heard the sound of battle on our shores our suffered the tyrant’s rule. To truly honor those to whom Veteran’s Day is dedicated, we must reaffirm our allegiance to the ideals for which America stands and rededicate ourselves to whatever it takes to keep America free and democratic.

In the VFW, every day is Veteran’s Day. From our National Veterans Service to our Voice of Democracy program, we dedicate ourselves every day to whatever it takes to make America the kind of country over 28 million living veterans dedicated themselves to defending.

Over 2.1 million members strong and growing stronger every day, the VFW serves all of America’s veterans and their families. And in everything we do, we honor the dead by helping the living.

Veteran’s Day is our day. We, the VFW Post and Veterans organizations throughout Louisiana, join together and help lead the way in the observance of this very special day.

And in everything we do the rest of the year, we meet the commitments handed down to us by those who went forth and served and protected our heritage of peace, freedom and democracy.

This Veteran’s Day we strongly urge the public to “pause” and “remember” and in so doing honor all veterans!

Lionel Lagarde, Sr.

Quartermaster, VFW Post 8538