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Sunday, June 16, 2019

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Veterans ask for assistance on Saturday's vote

Veterans ask for assistance on Saturday's vote

I knew those men of the All American Division, those tough boys of World War I as they settled into civilian life from Golden Meadow and else where, they kept us and this great American country free.

I remember my Uncle Sam saying “I want you!” after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The young 16, 17, & 18 men and women spilled their blood, dying, or MIA. This was the start of WWII. They kept America free.

I remember the Korean War, I was not only a veteran of that forgotten war, but I fought in it. Thirty-five thousand dead and eight thousand MIA. We kept our country, America free.

A few years later we were in another unpopular war, Vietnam, 12 years, forty seven thousand KIA and about two thousand five hundred MIA. We kept America free.

I remember the “Mother of All War” Desert Storm, which lasted a few weeks,  but people died. We kept America free.

Now we are fighting and dying in Iraq, and Afghanistan. If we don’t fight them on their grounds then we will have to fight them over here – America is still free.

Freedom is not free. We, the Veterans of Memorial District of Ward 10 promised to take care of our veterans as they return back home. We are taking care of over 100 veterans by bringing them to their VA doctor, hospital appointments and where else they have to go at no cost to them.

The district brings them to Houston, TX, Jackson, MS, Baton Rouse and New Orleans and wherever they wish to go at no cost to them.

All of this was because ten years ago we with your help had an election to pass a tax of less than one mill for the veterans. The VA and Washington lied to us, never delivered to us and broke their promises.

We had to turn to you, the people of Ward 10. So now we are asking you, come Saturday, May 4th, to vote YES to RENEW that one mill once more. We need you!

Freedom Is Not Free

For God and Country

The Board of Veterans Memorial District

President: Linton Doucet