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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Use your news

Use your news

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a newspaper in your hand (unless you’re reading So what do you plan to do with that newspaper once you’re done scanning every sentence, photo and ad?

Since crawfish season is winding down and you’ll probably not need the paper to line your tables, you’ll more than likely toss it into the garbage bin and go about your day. But, with the help of a couple of nifty websites and a frugal mother, I’ve created a list of ways that you can reuse your newspaper before sending it on its way to a landfill.

Tips from a penny-pinching momma:

Window washer: Newspapers generate less lint than paper or cloth towels do and rarely leave streaks. Just spray your favorite glass cleaner onto the window and wipe away the grime. Sidenote: White vinegar is a great glass cleaner and deodorizer. Spray air fresheners also do a great job of cleaning up grime and leaving a pleasant scent behind.

Fruit ripener: Wrap un-ripened fruit with newspaper to help them ripen quicker.

Lining device: Use old newspapers to line the bottom of trash cans so if any liquid spills, the newspaper will absorb it and prevent a sticky, gooey mess. You can also line litter boxes and pet cages to help make clean up easier. The newspaper absorbs some of the foul smells as well.

Refrigerator odor absorber: Absorb dripping liquids as well as offensive odors by lining the shelves of your refrigerator (particularly vegetable drawers). Doing so makes clean up a snap!

A Tip found on Pinterest (a fantastic website with all sorts of ideas, tips and more):

Food-container deodorizer: Stuff a balled-up piece of newspaper into a plastic container that has developed a funk and let it sit overnight. By morning the paper will have absorbed the offending smell.

Tips from – a great website that offers a variety of household tips and tricks as well as other useful information:

Odor absorbers: Pack newspapers in damp or smelly luggage or ice chests to absorb funky odors from developing.

Fire starters: Roll newspaper tight and use to start a fire (unless you’re a pyromaniac – then stay away from anything dealing with fire).

Painting: lay newspapers on the floor to catch paint splatters, wet sheets of paper and stick on windows when painting window trim to prevent paint splatters on the glass.

Weed whackers: Lay sheets of newspapers in garden beds about one-fourth inch thick before covering with wood chips or mulch. This will help to prevent weed growth. Make sure to thoroughly moisten the newspaper before covering with the mulch so it will stay in place.

Spring Cleaning: once you’ve cleaned the top of your kitchen cabinets, fold sheets of newspaper to the size needed and line the top of the cabinets. It collects dust and makes your next spring cleaning venture much quicker.

So before you toss out this issue, try out some of these handy dandy tips.

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