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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Two heads are better than one

Two heads are better than one

I am writing this letter in reference to Daniel Lorraine and Janet Rhodus’ public correspondence for the last two weeks in the “Letters to the Editor” section of the paper. It saddens me to read their negative and sour responses to one another.

Mr. Lorraine and Ms. Rhodus both seem to be intelligent individuals, who are community oriented and passionate about their work in improving Lafourche Parish’s small fishing village of Leeville. I applaud them both for their concerted yet separate efforts in trying to improve this community for residents and visitors alike.

It has been my experience that the energy that you emulate into the universe, is the same energy that will come back to you. With that being said, rather than publicly corresponding negatively to one another, wouldn’t it benefit the Leeville community more if Mr. Lorraine and Ms. Rhodus would put their differences aside and work together in a more positive fashion to accomplish the tangible improvements that they both are working towards.

As passionate as they are about their work, it would seem like a truce could be established. There is an old saying of which I am certain many of you heard, “Two heads are better than one.” If Mr. Lorraine and Ms. Rhodus can harness their positive energies, knowledge and passion, they both can make more headway tot eh powers that be in helping the community of Leeville. Wouldn’t the combined efforts of two working toward the same goal, help this community more, I ask?

In other words, in my opinion, it would be more plausible if Mr. Lorraine and Ms. Rhodus worked positively together and combine their efforts so they can improve the community that they are so passionate about. With the goal of improving Leeville, they both stand on common ground.

So, with this being said, I propose a question to Mr. Lorraine and Ms. Rhodus, isn’t this what you both long to see, the small fishing village we call Leeville great again?

A wise man, M. Macniel Nixon once said and I quote, “To accomplish anything you need an interest, a motive, a center of your thought. You need a star to steer by, a cause, a creed, an idea, a passionate attachment.”

Jacqueline Hoffman

Golden Meadow