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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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The Spirit of Jesus moves so powerfully within us!

The Spirit of Jesus moves so powerfully within us!

Benny Suhor was studying to be a Benedictine Monk and decided that was not his vocation. He spent most of his life (more than 50 years) teaching Latin and religion in Catholic High Schools in the New Orleans area. He died on December 27, 2008.

Benny wrote a poem entitled “Pentecost Song.” Sometimes a poet can capture the spirit and joy of an event better than a writer of prose. The Spirit of Jesus that moves so powerfully within us and sets our hearts on fire motivates us to use our spirit-given gifts and talents to build God’s kingdom here on earth.

I want to thank Benny Suhor’s classmate, Fr. Jerry Villarrubia, for sharing Benny’s outstanding poem with us.

It was the day of Pentecost and in a crowded room ten dozen people huddled there, like babies in a womb.

When all at once a sound of wind came sweeping o’er the earth, the spirit came upon them all, and gave them second birth!

They all began to speak in tongues and praise the Lord on high, Peter preached a homily that made three thousand sigh.

“Repent!” cried Peter, “Be baptized! All sins will go away!

Receive the Holy Spirit now, whose power you see today.”

So Peter led a big parade through every land and street, while John went strutting left and right with wings upon his feet.

And James let out this mighty shout and Andrew blew a horn:

“O sing out ‘Happy birthday’ for today the church is born!”

Some Pharisees came passing by and said, “These men are drunk, they’ve all been drinking wine and spirits, see how low they’ve sunk!”

“You’re right!” said Peter. “We are drunk – go shout it from the roof: it’s the spirit we’ve been drinking  and it is a hundred million proof!”

Simon, called the Zealot, (they were the fiercest of all Jews) went skipping through Jerusalem to spread the joyful news.

He hugged a dozen Gentiles and a Roman soldier, too.

“The Lord loves everyone!” he cried, “and that’s why I love you!”

They came upon a Roman soldier on a fine white horse, “Go home, you wayward Jews!” he yelled, “and stop this silly farce!”

But when Matthias prayed for him the soldier dropped his lance.

His horse reared up and whinnied twice and then began to prance!

The seven seas surround us from the South Pole to the North.

“And I, your Lord,” said Jesus Christ, “have sent my spirit forth. Compared with all the living waters I will pour on you, the waters of the oceans are a kiss of morning dew!”

A lovely, aging woman looked out into the night.

She thought of stars over Bethlehem when all was calm and bright.

“My Son,” she prayed, “what joy it was that night I gave you birth! And once again I’m mother now to everyone on earth.”

The angels in heaven said, “Let’s have our own parade!”

They flew throughout the universe, this heavenly brigade.

Then Michael said, “The Pilgrim Church was born this very day; Let’s fly to earth and guard them as they come along their way!”

The Lord can make this world of ours a New Jerusalem!

He looks upon his people here and yearns to pastor them, one flock, one shepherd in the spirit.

Can this dream come true?

It can, it can, if every man and woman wants it to!

But wait, my friends, I think I hear a knocking at the door.

Why yes! It’s Jesus Christ the Lord, – no waiting anymore!

The door on which he’s knocking is everybody’s heart, so open up and let him in and let the dancing start!