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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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The right to know…

The right to know…

We, the people of Lafourche Parish should have the right to be made known of any and all actions that are to be done before it happens.

The Barn, which is supposed to take care of and be responsible for many, a ditch among other things, also apparently has the right to poison your surroundings without permission.

In other words they have the right to poison the people so long as you have a ditch in your front yard. Are we not human? Are we just things to them? Things to suck the life force out of? What if you have children and did not know they sprayed and yet your children wee playing in it? Or what if you had been walking bare foot to your mailbox and it absorbed through your feet? And what if your family dog ended up romping around in it? And out of all this what if your children, you or your family get sick or ended up with some sort of cancer you could not explain. Who then is responsible? Does the parish care about its’ people? They should not have the right to spray anything that kills anything unless the homeowner gives them permission to do so.

What is next for the citizens of Lafourche? Or is this just a way to kill off its resident. Someone please help us and pray for here because no one it seems who works for the parish cares about their fellow citizens.

Tammy Bollinger