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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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The Lafourche Gazette’s backyard is not a dumpster

The Lafourche Gazette’s backyard is not a dumpster

Living, or in this case, having a business, along the bayou side can be a blessing and a curse.

It’s nice to pass by a window in the Gazette office and catch a glimpse of the ducks that take advantage of our ‘back yard’ along Bayou Lafourche … or the turtles sunning themselves on a log, even the small alligator who pops up occasionally.

But what’s not good about being on the bayou side is when people use the area as a dumping ground for their shrimp peelings, crab peelings and trash.

If you’re going to use the bayou as a garbage can, at least please throw the peelings IN THE BAYOU and not on the ground alongside the bayou. They stink, cause flies and are a nuisance to clean up.

We here at the Gazette DO NOT use your backyard as a garbage dump so please STOP using ours as one. There are NO DUMPING signs posted for a reason.

We’d also like to encourage anyone witnessing such dumping near the Gazette to please notify the office at 985-693-7229.

Lafourche Gazette Staff