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Sunday, July 14, 2019

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The HEROES in the shadows

The HEROES in the shadows

Wow how time flies, it’s been nine months since the tragedy of December 26. It’s time the Gouaux family publicly thanks the community and the heroes in the shadows for all that was done for us.

We realize just how important friends are and how important it is to live in a loving and caring community. This area, south Louisiana, houses the families of very loving and compassionate people. Whether it is a hurricane or a tragedy like my family went through, the people of this area will be there for you and your family.

Generous donations, prayers and thoughts were most precious, but it did not stop there. When my father passed shortly after the tragedy, friends and the community poured their love to my family again.

We have many heroes in the shadows, people that will risk their lives to help others in need and ask for nothing in return. The first group I’m speaking of is our great volunteer fire department. Thank you for all you have done for my family and this community. We are so lucky to have a group of dedicated people like you.

Special thanks to the sheriff’s office/Lockport Police Department and their staff for quick response and for securing the scene. My family members that were at the scene or arrived shortly after were cared for and protected from harm. Their expert handling of the scene and keeping my family from further harm was so extremely appreciated. Their extended concern was greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to Acadian Ambulance and their staff for the quick response and for providing the needed medical attention given at the scene. Their professional EMT’s and well equipped transport vehicles helped save our lives. Also for their compassion for our needs during and after this tragedy, we are so grateful.

Special thanks to the doctors and staff at Ochsner/St. Anne Hospital who performed miracles on me, stabilizing both me and my daughter for transport to University Hospital in New Orleans. What a great hospital and staff to have in our community.

Thanks to the doctors and staff at University Hospital, our great trauma hospital. The doctors and staff continued giving us expert treatment with such compassion and care for our extended stay.

My daughter and I parted on our long road to recovery after 45 days in ICU, both headed to Rehab, she at TIRR in Texas and to Ochsner in Clearview. Both rehabs were staffed with great doctors, nurses and therapists.
I continued my rehab with a great staff at Physofit in Raceland until released a few weeks ago. Andrea continues her rehab at TIRR in Texas.

I want to publicly extend thanks to my daughters for their continued love and support, without their unselfish support I don’t think I would be here today.

Also, thanks to all the people in our community and the caring people that thought of us during this stressful time. We are now working on putting what is left of our lives back together.

Lastly I want this community to feel comfortable knowing that we have the dedicated caring people here in the shadows, if we need them. Again my family wants to thank all that helped and prayed, for you are our heroes in the shadows.

Phillip Gouaux and Family