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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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Sports Mailbag: A Few Days Away from the Big Game!

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Sports Mailbag: A Few Days Away from the Big Game!

My, how things have changed in the past month! 

The obvious — you’re reading me on a different website and a different platform for the first time in 10 years.

I have some wonderful people in The Lafourche Gazette offices to thank for that.

And you’re also reading me in a new year, in a new sporting season and with LSU just days away from possibly winning the national championship.

So let’s do this.

One of my most popular editorial items in the past was a mailbag, so I decided, heck, if it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it.

So here’s my first mailbag of 2020 — in a new place and in a new chapter and all of that sentimental stuff.

Let’s ride.

For rookies unfamiliar with how this works, I accept mailbag questions on Twitter and through email. If you have a question, find me: @casey_gisclair on Twitter or email me at 

Q: Who will be LSU’s starting quarterback next fall? (Asked by Bobby)

A: I have no reason to believe it will be anyone besides Myles Brennan. Fans have become a little bit nervous about Brennan because when he gets into the game late, the offense trudges through mud. But two things: One, Brennan comes into the game with the outcome well in hand. The plays being called to him are not LSU’s ‘A-stuff’ — not by any stretch of the imagination. And two, he’s coming in usually with ‘B-list’ personnel. In the Semifinals, Brennan got one series with LSU’s first-string offensive line and he marched the team straight down the field for a touchdown. He will be the guy next fall unless one of the incoming freshmen really are superstar-caliber talents.

Q: Who will South Lafourche hire to be its new football coach? (Asked by Reed)

A: Good question. I have a little bit of inside information into this topic, but it’s nothing that I can share publicly yet because of my loyalty to the sources. I will say this: South Lafourche is looking for a coach that it can plug in place and commit to for a decade-plus. From the names I’ve heard floated around, I expect the hire to be local and familiar with the team and community. Things can change, but so far, the process has been pretty tight-lipped, but I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that there are some fish circling the prize. Stay tuned. When the story breaks, we’ll have it for you guys first. 

Q: Any news on Deon Jenkins’ collegiate choice? (Asked by Lamar)

A: Nothing yet, but the second signing day is coming up, so I hope to hear more in the coming days and weeks. Deon is certainly a college-level talent. Whether he ends up in the FCS, Division II, Division III or even NAIA, I think he’s going to run the football hard, make plays and do all of the things that he’s done for Central Lafourche throughout the past several seasons. 

Q: What do the Saints have to do to get better this offseason? (Asked by Mike)

A: Great question. I think some of the reasons why the Saints have been eliminated in the past few years revolve around bad luck, but there are always areas of improvement and the team absolutely can do more in the upcoming offseason. I think they should look for a second playmaker to compliment Michael Thomas and should rebuild their offensive line. Defensively, I’d work to add better depth at cornerback and the safety positions. That’s easier said than done, but the team has an amazing foundation already in place. Let’s not forget that they won 13 games in the regular season.

Q: Your thoughts on Matt Roan’s decision to leave Nicholls? (Asked by Big Red)

A: Predictable. Everyone goes home eventually. Matt Roan is familiar with that area and that school, and it’s a place near and dear to he and his family. It’s hard to turn down those opportunities. Heck, that’s the exact reason why I am writing this to you today from this platform — because of a desire to be back at home. 

Q: Prediction for the big game? (Asked by ... just about everyone)

A: LSU 41, Clemson 20.