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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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South Lafourche Levee District sets priorities for 2015

South Lafourche Levee District sets priorities for 2015

The South Lafourche Levee District held a special public meeting on October 21st to discuss its priorities for 2015.

With about fifty percent of the levee system underongoing improvement and a 2015 budget mostly dedicated to those projects, SLLD’s priority list for next year includes a $4 million request to State Capital Outlay to hopefully fund its primary goal—elevation of section “A East”.

“A East” is the section of the levee system between the Leon Theriot Locks and the Yankee Canal in east Golden Meadow.

SLLD’s priority list also includes the completion of the floodwall in Larose along the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as improvements to Hwy. 1, at the south end of the levee system, and Hwy. 24 to the north.

But “A East” has been identified as the most needed improvement.

At present, “A East” is at about a 14-ft. elevation above sea level, considerably lower than the benchmark 16-ft. height which has been achieved on the rest of the southern sections of the system.

SLLD General Manager Windell Curole made it clear recently that “A East” will be raised in 2015, but that whether SLLD receives any money from the state will determine the scope of the project.

Curole said the levee district would prefer to strengthen the base of the levee while doing the necessary elevation, but that simply adding material to the top of the levee may be a more realistic option.

“Alternatively, we could do a basic fix to the levee on our own, but to do the right job, we need the $4 million,” said Curole.

The likelihood of Lafourche getting consideration in 2015, he said, is low.

“Asking for the $4 million—I am not optimistic,” said Curole, noting that SLLD has received funding from the state in 2014 for other projects and that much of future state spending for coastal projects seems to be headed toward Terrebonne Parish.

“We have even asked them to match us in whatever we put up for the project, if they won’t fund the project entirely,” said Curole.