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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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So grateful for the organization that gives so much to our community

So grateful for the organization that gives so much to our community

Recently my two grandchildren were fortunate to participate in a very worthy program through Les Reflections du Bayou. The people in this organization are made up of volunteers that give to our community so unselfishly with sweat, tears and lots of love, from beautifying our beloved bayou by the bridges, and helping areas in the parks, but most of all “Braxton’s Gift of Life”. What a beautiful program!

A very big thanks to all the wonderful workers (volunteers) of Mrs. Peggy Bagala, who gave their time, knowledge and so much encouragement to all the children and adults who were lucky to be part of this swimming and safety course of 2016.

I also would like to tell you all that this very spiritual, vibrate, and passionate lady, Mrs. Peggy Bagala, is a big driving force of this organization and her team of volunteers.

I cannot express enough how organized this program is, from guest speakers who came to teach our children and adults the importance of safety in protecting your life and others. Many thanks go to the Coast Guard, Counselor from Cut Off School, Mr. Williams from the offshore oilfield and the volunteers.

The instructions from the volunteers in getting into boats correctly and what to do if the boat flips and wearing the correct size life vest, to staying by the boat until help comes. Also our First Responders from 911, our firemen and ambulance.

M.J. came and taught our children how to do CPR. All the children were able to participate. They taught them how to save their life, in case the vehicle goes into the bayou and how to swim parallel to a rip tide in case they got into one.

All this was to help everyone to stay alive, but to always use your knowledge. The volunteers taught everyone how to swim and float correctly. They earned 8 hours of lessons to save their life or someone else’s.

All this is done by donations and people who volunteer through Les Reflections du Bayou. This organization is truly a valuable asset to our community. They do offer membership and need volunteers to continue the programs this wonderful organization provides for all the citizens of South Lafourche.

Thank you so much for all you do for our community and wish more success in the coming years. God Bless you all.

Mrs. Elaine Vizier and Rickey and Sarah Plaisance

Cut Off