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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Smartest Person

Smartest Person

Five people were on a plane, the pilot, a lawyer, a doctor, a priest and a boy.

The pilot came out of the cockpit and said that he has bad news. "We are going to crash and I only have 4 parachutes."

The pilot grabs one and said, "I got us this far, I deserve to go" so he jumped.

The doctor grabbed one and said, "I save a million lives, this world needs me" and he jumped.

The lawyer grabbed one and said, "I am the smartest person in this world, the world needs my brains."

The priest turns to the boy and said, "I have had a long life. You can take the last parachute."

The boy replied, "No we can both go! The smartest person in the world took my backpack."