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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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SLLD taking Larose Floodwall project ‘one piece at a time’

SLLD taking Larose Floodwall project ‘one piece at a time’

At the August 11 South Lafourche Levee District (SLLD) public meeting in Galliano, General Manager Windell Curole referred to plans for elevating the unimproved sections of the Larose Floodwall along the Intracoastal

Waterway in Larose as “pieces of a puzzle”.

Because of numerous constraints, not the least of which is funding and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) delays, SLLD has been forced to improve this weak link in the levee district’s domain by doing small sections as permitting and money become available.

One “puzzle piece” involves the future path of a section of the floodwall which now goes around David Industries, a shipyard on the Intracoastal Waterway.

“We had two routes to consider,” said Curole. “Closing off and buying out the shipyard, or going around it.”

To solve the issue SLLD has recently negotiated a buyout with David Industries for $850,000, pending agreement of SLLD’s commissioners and a signed agreement between the shipyard owner and the levee district.

At last Monday’s meeting, the SLLD board of commissioners agreed unanimously to its executive committee’s recommendation to buyout, voting 8-0 in favor. Lula Auenson was absent.

The negotiated price is a “cheaper and better deal for the public” which will allow the wall to be run straight across instead of following the old path around the shipyard property, stated Curole.

SLLD is also in the process of improving the area from the west end of the floodwall to the floodgate in Bayou Lafourche. An earthen levee has been installed at the intersection of Bayou Lafourche and the Intracoastal Waterway to a height of 13 feet.

Hesco baskets will be used to connect the earthen levee and the floodwall to a 12-foot height.

SLLD is in negotiation to buy and/or remove an abandoned building along the bayou side near Holy Rosary Catholic Church.

“We are going to get an estimate of value of the building before moving forward,” said Curole.

Next, sheet piles will be installed along the bayou to the floodgates, also to a 13-foot height, he said.

The final “puzzle piece” involves the Larose floodgates, which Curole says will be taken out, refurbished, and lengthened to a 13-foot height as well.

Curole also mentioned that the Corps of Engineers has agreed to go ahead with raising the floodwall at the Mercer property where the wall crosses Delta Farms Road.

USACE had halted the project about one year ago on advice of their attorneys, saying that going to a 13 foot elevation would change the scope of the project.


The South Lafourche Levee District continues to do work on the Larose Floodwall as permitting and funding become available.