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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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SLLD includes several projects on 2016 priority list

SLLD includes several projects on 2016 priority list

The South Lafourche Levee District listed its priorities for 2016 at its December public meeting in Galliano, with a price tag of nearly $13 million.

“That’s about what we have available to spend,” said District General Manager Windell Curole in outlining the projects which were recommended by the District’s Executive Committee.

The projects are as follows:

-- Larose Floodgate Improvement and Protection—Phase 2: Specifically, this project involves the floodwall below the LA Hwy. 1 Intracoastal Bridge and consists of the removal of existing structures and obstructions, concrete floodwall, levee embankment and other related items. Estimated cost: $850,000.

-- Larose Floodgate Improvement and Protection—Phase 3: This project is a sheet pile floodwall and steel A-frame system on the east side of Bayou Lafourche in Larose. Estimated cost: $1.4 million.

-- Elevation of LA Hwy. 3235 at the levee crossing in Larose: Adjacent levees in the Larose area are as high as 13 feet. The Hwy. 3235 crossing will be lifted to match those elevations. Estimated cost: $605,000.

-- Elevation of LA Hwy. 1 at the levee crossing in Golden Meadow: Levees adjacent to the crossing have been improved to as high as 18 feet. The highway crossing is considerably lower. Estimated cost: $1.5 million.

-- Improvements on sections B-South, B-North and C-South levee sections, Apache Farm to Golden Meadow Park: This project has been ongoing over the past three years and consists of clearing, excavation and shaping of levees in that area and other miscellaneous items. Estimated cost: $5 million.

-- B-South/A-West Levee Elevation: This project involves adding material to the levee between the Golden Meadow Park and the lower end of the flood protection system where elevations need improvement. Estimated cost: $440,000.

-- Pump Station #2 Seepage Wall: Identified earlier in 2015, there is seepage in the levee just south of Pump Station #2 (Basson’s) where materials used to make repairs after Hurricane Juan in 1985 are allowing water to leach through the levee. Estimated cost: $1.4 million.

-- D-South, B-North and C-South Erosion Protection: The Levee District has identified this area as vulnerable to storm surge because of loss of wetlands between the levee and Catfish Lake. A combination of sheet piles and marsh projects will be implemented to protect the levee. Estimated cost: $1.1 million.

Curole said he was not surprised that the District’s share of sales taxes have fallen about $1 million from the previous year but that the bidding process will tell whether more projects can be added to the 2016 list.

“If we have good bids, we might have a little bit of money left over to do one or more other projects,” he said.