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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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SLLD Commemorates Projects in Golden Meadow

SLLD Commemorates Projects in Golden Meadow

Photo by Babs: SLLD Manager Windell Curole discusses the success of the levee protection system with Col. Ed Fleming of the New Orleans branch of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

South Lafourche Levee District General Manager Windell Curole was joined by Colonel Ed Fleming, commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers’ New Orleans office, along with Levee District President Ronald Callais, Lafourche Parish President Charlotte Randolph and Golden Meadow Mayor Joey Bouziga, as they gathered at the sight of the Golden Meadow Pump Station Floodwall to commemorate the completion of several Corps projects in lower Lafourche.

The ceremony for the Golden Meadow Pump Station Floodwall, the LOOP Access Ramp, the Crawfish Farm Floodwall and the Larose Floodwall--all US Army Corps of Engineers projects--is an important milestone for the South Lafourche area in flood protection for its citizens. 

Curole gave thanks to all the partners involved in these projects—the Corps, the State and the citizens of Lafourche. 

While the design and oversight was in the hands of the Corps, the State funded these projects to the tune of $20 million. 

He also recognized the local community as an indispensable partner.

“We have gone to the community twice for help. We asked them for a one-cent sales tax in addition to the millages they agreed to pay. They approved these overwhelmingly,” Curole said.

Fleming thanked local and state entities, such as the Mayor and the Parish President, for their help in the joint effort, saying it could not have been done without them.

“It is a good investment to spend money in Lafourche. There is a lot more work ongoing and to come,” he said.

Curole labeled the projects a “fine example of a successful system which has never flooded.  No other system south of the Intracoastal can say that.”

Mayor Bouziga called the Corps work a “great accomplishment in our own back yard. It shows you, when you work together, what can happen.”