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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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SLLD and Terra Logistics’ Superman

SLLD and Terra Logistics’ Superman

Superman is not a fictional character, as we believe; he does have super hearing. South Lafourche Levee District and Terra Logistics have an employee, Marti Martin, who was operating a backhoe working in the vicinity on the north side of Eymard Shooting Academy on December 17, 2014, and heard a bullet whiz by him at 9:30 a.m.

He called the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office to file a complaint, and Sgt. Jeff Prevost and Deputy Cody Naquin took the statement. Capt. Dean Savoie instructed the Sgt. And Deputy to contact Mr. Monte Arabie, the Range Master, to confirm the complaint.

Mr. Arabie stated the gun range does not open till 10:00 a.m., and it was not open, and no shooters were there at that time. He also stated property owners on both sides of the range shoot on their property toward the levee. This is verified by the report of Sgt. Jeff Prevost, Case l-22034-14 - 12-17-14.

Eymard Shooting Range, has cooperated with South Lafourche Levee District and Terra Logistics on all of their concerns; but, the harassment still keeps going on with no proof of any bullets in or on the SLLD levee.

Since Eymard Shooting Academy opened in October 2013, it has had over 2000 registered shooters, including men, women and children who have shot over 2,000,000 rounds of ammunition without one incident. We are proud to say that we run a very strict and safe shooting range.

Anyone interested in viewing the police report can contact me; I have the police report on file in my office. No charges were filed against Eymard Shooting Academy regarding this incident.

Hugh Eymard