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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Response to Councilman Lorraine regarding Hobie Tournament

Response to Councilman Lorraine regarding Hobie Tournament

While Mr. Lorraine claims I am negative, I claim facts. I am not a registered voter in Lafourche Parish, yet I am a property owner that pays property tax without homestead exemption. I plan to permanently retire in Lafourche Parish soon, after having a secondary home here since 1991.

During Mr. Lorraine's tenure of over 30 years, as Leeville's councilman, he has let Leeville wash away before our eyes. He has let a bank, municipal gas, park, post office, senior center, volunteer fire department and more, leave Leeville. The public boat launch which he claims was his doing, sat idle for eight years until I personally initiated talks with DOTD and WLF, to learn of the politics involved, which held the project up.

For over 20 years, CWPPRA has funded restoration projects along the Louisiana coast. Until I nominated Leeville for a restoration project, Leeville had never been nominated. The project I nominated will be approximately $45 million investment on the fragile side of Leeville. Lorraine has never attended CWPPRA meetings and other vital hearings for the Coastal Master Plan, as it pertains to Leeville. While Lorraine claims I am negative, I am a doer, not a slacker. Leeville doesn't have enough votes for Lorraine to focus on.

If the Tourism agency is so wonderful, why aren’t the Leeville and Fourchon public boat launches listed on their costly website, which has been re-vamped many times? I have brought this fact to their attention numerous times, to no avail.

Their staff [Tourism] actually contacted me over a year ago, to learn of the kayak industry and its impact on Leeville. Wilma Harvey wanted to run a water hose to the public launch from a motel in Leeville, for the Hobie event. This was not realistic and confirmed she had no idea where the motel was in conjunction to the launch. The staff needs to familiarize itself more, as it pertains to Leeville's offerings.

Tourism deemed Leeville was not conducive for the social events for Hobie. Even after great effort was put in hosting the awards event. I personally met with the Lt Governor, inviting him to the event and involved the Seafood Promotion Board for this event. What did you do, Mr. Lorraine? I requested the Parish to have the trash picked up. President Cantrelle and Terrry Abadie took care of this, not you. The infamous Leeville Commission, which I, not you, had the legislature create, has been ineffective at most. I commend whomever wrote the letter for you, we know you didn't write it.

Merry Christmas!

Janet Rhodus

Launch Leeville, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit