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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Pro-choice or pro-life?

Pro-choice or pro-life?

So, there's pro-choice and pro-life. Two very different opinions.

When I was in college, I thought pro-choice was valid … drank the Kool-aid, so to

One day, I seriously considered what it meant and I realized ONLY one of two sides was given a choice. Since then, I became 100% pro life, because if both sides can't weigh in, there are no true choices!

So, here's the conundrum: I'm expected to look the other way and support Planned Parenthood? That's an oxymoron because only one part is planned for children to live but one part is planned for them to die.

Planning seems very lopsided.

Yes, people have rights to their opinions. However, it's beyond my understanding how murder is an opinion that is a good option.

Just saying!

So I leave with a quote here: "I don't know how someone's reproductive system can simultaneously be 0% not my business and 100% my financial responsibility."

Sherry Robichaux

Cut Off