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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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Parish officials encourage caution on roads during inclement weather

Parish officials encourage caution on roads during inclement weather

Officials with Lafourche Parish Government are asking local residents to be cautious when driving on area roadways through Thursday night due to the threat of moderate-to heavy rains being forecast by the National Weather Service.

Currently, the latest forecast calls for rainfall amounts ranging from 3 to 5-inches throughout the course of the next several days.

At the moment, local forecasters are not concerned about the flood threat because the rain should be spread out over a long duration instead of occurring in a small stretch of time.

In the event this situation changes, officials are urging the public to keep up with the latest reports by visiting the Lafourche Parish Government website and Facebook page as well as the National Weather Service’s site and local media outlets.

Lafourche Public Works will monitor drainage ditches to make sure they are clear of potential obstructions, and residents are urged to pick up or secure loose objects from yards that could be carried by wind or moving water and clog catch basins and culverts. Garbage cans and their covers when empty should be removed from near roadside ditches as these present a serious obstruction to drainage if they become lodged in culverts.