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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Not so clever thieves

Not so clever thieves

In the mall there were three robbers who was being chased by a police. The robbers found three large sacks to hide in.

A few moments later, a policeman walks by and sees the three sacks laying there suspiciously. The policeman kicks the first sack and the robber in the says, "Woof, woof."

The police smiles knowingly but says, “Oh! It’s only a dog.”

He then kicks the second sack and the next robber says, "Meow, meow."

The policeman grins at his partner and says loudly, “Oh! It’s only a cat.”

He proceeds to the third sack and kicks it and nothing happens. He gives it another, more forceful kick and still nothing happens. So he takes out his billy stick and starts hitting the bag harder.

Finally the third robber in the sack says, "Man, I'm a potato! I'm not supposed to make a sound!”