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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Non-profits report donations from Coach “O” Committee helped locally

Non-profits report donations from Coach “O” Committee helped locally

It was about this time last year, on February 17th, that the community of south Lafourche gave one of the largest celebrations ever held locally to honor a favorite son of the bayou area.

When Larose native Ed “Be Be” Orgeron, Jr. was named head coach of the LSU Tigers, members of this community and fans from all over the state gathered together to organize a banquet honoring Coach “O” for his achievement and to also celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1977 State Championship Football Team on which Coach “O” played.

It has been estimated that over 1,600 people attended this banquet and the entire event was a great success thanks to the local community, the sponsors, the cooks, the volunteers, and Larose Civic Center staff.

This event was the brainchild of a group of local guys who called themselves the Coach “O” Committee, later to become the Coach “O” Day Board of Directors. This became a non-profit organization whose mission was to distribute funds from the profits of this banquet to local churches, charities, civic organizations, and special needs of citizens in our community.

Coach “O” stated, “I want to use the profits from this banquet to help the poor, the sick, and the hungry in our area.”

In this past year, a check for $10,000 was presented to the Larose Civic Center, and donations of more than $30,000 have been made to local churches and non-profit organizations.

Reports back to the Board indicate the monies have gone to help people with electric bills, clothing, food, and disaster assistance such as fires and floods. Some of the churches used the funds they were given to enhance their youth services.

One of the recipients of a donation from the Coach “O” Board of Directors was The Bayou Bell Ringers who responded to the Coach “O” Board in this way:

“Thank you again for your generous contribution to the Bayou Bell Ringers. You have made it possible for us to replace some of our bells. After twenty years of use, they cracked and were no longer usable and because of your help, we now have all the bell sounds necessary to make beautiful music to glorify God. Because of your generosity, we were able to continue our Mission and prepare the group for our Christmas Concerts.”

It was Coach O’s intention to visit us again to help raise more monies to give to local charities but scheduling conflicts with him and open dates with the Larose Civic Center could not be resolved and he cannot be here this Spring. He did promise to come back next year and expressed his sincere appreciation to the committee for helping local citizens who have fallen on hard times.

Now let's cheer for LSU and Coach “O” and wish them another winning season this year.