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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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Nicholls, Edison Chouest Offshore announce educational partnership

Nicholls, Edison Chouest Offshore announce educational partnership

Wednesday, Nicholls State University and Edison Chouest Offshore together presented a partnership that will bring forth a new era in local and global collaboration between the company and the university.

Chouest and Nicholls will offer Chouest employees and their family members a $40,000 Nicholls scholarship for international and out-of-state students for the next four years essentially waiving the fees for the eligible students.

They will also offer internship programs and networking opportunities with Chouest headquarters each year. Students will not be required to seek a Maritime Management or Petroleum Industry related degree to become eligible.

Chouest and Nicholls are combining their efforts in order to help meet their individual goals. Dr. Bruce T. Murphy, President of Nicholls State University and Dr. Neal Weaver, Vice President of Institutional Advancement for Nicholls have both expressed that one of their main goals has been to increase enrollment at Nicholls. Chouest is now a global company with incoming employees from all across America and across the world.

“We have set up a mark on the wall for the next few years to try to reach up to 8,000 students. Another marker we’ve set up on the wall is to increase the number of international students,” said Dr. Murphy.

Chouest currently has a worldwide network of 14,000 employees working in more than a dozen countries.

Nicholls enrolls 6,500 total students, with 170 international students from more than 40 countries.

With this agreement Nicholls could expand its nationwide and international reach while helping to provide incoming residents with a quality education. The same students who in turn, could use their new talents to help our community grow and prosper.

“What we and Chouest are doing is not only building boats but also building lives and careers and I think that is very critical so we are going to sign this agreement that will allow Chouest employees and their families to come to Nicholls without international or out-of-state fees and participate in our many programs,” said Dr. Murphy.

Of the Chouest employees who have degrees 80% of them have degrees from Nicholls. Chouest has a global reach in countries as far as Brazil, Singapore, and Norway. So then, for their part they plan to use their resources to reach out to their employees and their families around the world, telling them about the new advantages of going to Nicholls.

“Nicholls has been forward thinking. I’m guilty just like most other people of this area of thinking of Nicholls as a local university. We don’t think about it as this global university, which it is, and the more programs Nicholls implements the more global they become,” said Kirt Chouest, general manager at Edison Chouest Offshore.

To learn more about this incredible offer that Chouest and Nicholls are presenting, visit or call at (985) 449-7038. Nicholls will also provide support services to international and out-of-state students such as helping to guide students through the process of obtaining their visas and special orientation days for international students and advising.

“On this day in 1937 the Golden Gate Bridge was opened and so I look at this partnership as a bridge between the university and Chouest,” said Dr. Murphy.