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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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New opinion column filling Gazette pages

New opinion column filling Gazette pages

Since I began writing for The Lafourche Gazette several years ago, readers often approach me with topic suggestions, encouragement to write about a ranting or idea I have, etc. While I’m pretty passionate about my opinions, they’re usually too biased to be considered front-page news. But, since I enjoy both writing and playing the role of devil’s advocate on hot topics, the gazette’s editor-in-chief has agreed to allow an opinion column to be published.

The column, “The Grab Bag” will include opinions based on political happenings, entertainment reviews, cleaning and other tips and tricks, pure randomness and more. Some of the items covered may be done with tongue in cheek or for the sake of a laugh while others may be a thought provoking call to action.

While I hope readers enjoy this new column, I am prepared for a backlash of people disliking my opinions. As good ole’ Abe Lincoln once said, “…you can’t please all of the people, all of the time”.

I fully encourage readers to write a letter to the editor with their opinion in response to something in the column. However, we will not publish vulgarity, racial slurs, name-calling or anything of the sort. The Lafourche Gazette also reserves the right to edit letters sent in as well as abstain from running them completely (although we do love a good debate, so if appropriate will likely run it).

Readers are encouraged to email topics they’d like further explored to I’m not promising anything, but if it interests me, I just may cover it in one of the issues.

Now for the legal mumble jumble: While I often find research to back my opinions, the “The Grab Bag” column is based solely on the opinion of Laurie Laine Coleman and not that of The Lafourche Gazette publisher and staff.