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Sunday, June 16, 2019

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New jail does not mean nicer digs for criminals

New jail does not mean nicer digs for criminals

I’ve sees a dozen or so people on social media sites talking about the Lafourche Parish’s attempts to build a new jail, so let me chime in, because I believe there is a lot of misinformation out there. I don't support either side in this - just merely giving some facts I have collected along the way.

First, the parish isn't building a new Holiday Inn for the prisoners. This isn't being done to make the jail "nicer" or "more comfortable." This isn't an attempt to shift the jail from antenna TV to Direct TV, etc.

It's simply being done to make the jail bigger with more beds so it can house more criminals. They want a facility with close to 600 beds. They currently have 250 or so.

Why? Right now, the police have to pick and choose who to keep in jail and who to let out. They have too many criminals and not enough beds.

The worst of the bunch stay. The less dangerous get out, and usually do something stupid to get put back in the pen. Good example. David Brown of Houma was arrested last fall for a small, petty crime in Lockport. He was released a few days later because there wasn't enough room to hold him in the jail. A few days after he was released he murdered and raped a mother and two children.

A new jail may have prevented that from happening.

Ever read the newspaper and see that someone has been arrested 10, 15, 20 times? Ridiculous, right? Well that's because there's not enough room in the jail to put this person away for an extended period of time.

Now, whether attacking the library's money is the right way to do this - that's a completely different issue. I don't have an opinion on that either way.

I just don't want the yellow journalism of mistruths on Facebook and sites as such - posted by people who work at the library - to make people believe that a new jail equals a Holiday Inn for criminals.

Because it's just not true.