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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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National Telecommunication Week: April 12-19

National Telecommunication Week: April 12-19

I would like to recognize an elite group of people who work for our community every day. They are well-trained professionals who take pride in their job, work long hours, and help the public in some of the worst times of their lives. Their job is a thankless one that just pays their bills. They work on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. They are the calm voice on the other end of the line when you call for an emergency. They are the 911 Dispatchers.

Lafourche Parish Fire District #3 is fortunate to have some of the best dispatchers in emergency services. They are not only trained to answer your call for help, but they actually care about the people in our community.

Whether it’s staying on the line with a frightened elderly person who is home alone, or coaching a mother how to do CPR on her baby that stopped breathing, their compassion and concern for their callers are genuine.

Some people may ask why you choose to be a 911 Dispatcher. The answer is always the same. It’s because they like helping people. It’s the satisfaction the job gives when you do what you are trained to do and are able to make a positive difference in the lives of others. These people are givers of themselves. They answer all emergencies, and do their best to process that call for help.

It’s the time of the year I always like to give recognition, and bring them out from the dark communication center, away from the head sets, and out in the open, so that the public can be aware of these selfless individuals. April 12th-19th is National Telecommunication Week. It’s a week set aside to honor our unsung hero’s. You might not know their faces but you should recognize their voices. They are your lifeline to all emergency calls for help.

This week I would like to recognize and thank all the Dispatchers in Lafourche Parish for all the great work they do for our community. My hope during this special week is that their communication centers are flooded with calls of appreciation for a job well done.

Special thanks to (#TeamDispatch) Lafourche Parish Fire District #3 Dispatchers for your years of dedicated service.

Mary Rotolo

Lafourche Parish Fire District #3
Communication Supervisor