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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Movie features a host of local talent

Movie features a host of local talent

Local talent has chosen Lafourche Parish as the setting for their upcoming independent movie called Through Her Eyes.

The movie will begin filming this month and will film primarily here in Lafourche Parish. It will utilize all local talent, including the actors/actresses, director, along with local hair stylists and make-up artists.

Through Her Eyes will be about a woman who moves to the swamps to escape from her abusive husband and a story about how she fights back.

“A psychological thriller written about the effects of domestic violence over one woman’s lifetime. When Lorna Whitley has been beaten enough, the rage turns onto others and suddenly she’s no longer the victim,” Through Her Eyes synopsis.

The lead character, Lorna Whitley, is played by local actress, Jacqueline Matherne, who moved to Lockport from Orange County California in 2007. For years Jacqueline had set her dreams aside but, her friend, James Guidry, from Houma convinced her to sign up with him for casting calls. It wasn’t easy, said Jacqueline, it took a lot of diligence, emails, and phone calls to finally take off, but after years of giving up on her dream to perform, Jacqueline found herself fitted in character, under a tent next to Matthew McConaughey, on the set of True Detective. Jacqueline has now worked as a background actress in more than 40 movies and television shows.

James Guidry will be playing Lorna’s husband, Brian Whitley. Samantha Stancil, from Gheens will be playing a young Lorna Whitley and Derrel Billiot Jr., also from Gheens will be playing Christian Whitley.

“I never thought that I’d be lead in a movie. It really is a dream come true,” said Jacqueline. “When I saw myself in my thirties thinking that this was never going to happen it crushed me. I don’t think that anyone should ever give up on their dreams because it can happen. For me it did,” said Jacqueline.

Jacqueline has never had any official technical training but she attributes her success to her drive to do whatever a part requires of her. She says that it takes her being able to be flexible, being there when they need her to be, never really knowing what they will ask her to do next whether it be practicing rolling loaded dice for eleven hours next to Will Smith for the movie Focus or to run full speed down a street in a flight suit for the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and to be able to handle anything they throw at her.

Through Her Eyes is written, produced, and directed by Kirk Robertson, a student at Nicholls State University, who moved to Thibodaux after he lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Kirk and Jacqueline first met while working at Kohl’s, an employee friendly company that gave the two artists the flexible hours that they needed in order to pursue their passions.

“I think that this movie will shine a light on domestic violence and how it can really change somebody’s life. And also how it effects generations, not just one person, it is passed on from generation to generation,” said Jacqueline.

Due to Louisiana’s tax incentives for the film industry, filming in Louisiana has boomed in recent years. The film industry provides thousands of jobs for local residents and further nurtures the artistry that Louisiana is known so well for.

“The Louisiana movie industry has done so much for so many people and all of these people now have jobs because of it,” said Jacqueline.