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Man frustrated with sister-in-law's ways

Man frustrated with sister-in-law's ways

Dear Tante Camilla,

My wife’s sister always makes little shicks about how we should raise our kids and she doesn’t even have kids. She’s about five years younger than we are, still lives at home with her parents, isn’t married and doesn’t have any major bills; yet she always has an opinion about how we should be doing this or how she would never let her kids do that, etc. It drives my wife to tears and makes me want to tell her (my sister-in-law) to take a long walk off a short pier. What should we do?


Frustrated Brother-in-Law

Dear Brother-in-Law:

Chére mon Dieu! How do they say it, been there, done that, wore a t-shirt?

Let me tell you, beb, Tante Camilla was in the same situation a long, long time ago and it about made moi fou! Clovis had a cousine who was a few years older than us but wasn’t married and didn’t have kids yet; (probably because she was a tête dure) but that didn’t stop her from telling everybody how to raise their own kids.

“I wouldn’t let my son swim in the bayou!” “I wouldn’t let my little girl play outside with all those little boys!” “You going to spoil her buying two toys for Christmas!” … on and on and on.

Then one day, Clovis’s cousin T-boy, her brother, just had enough and started screaming at her in front of everybody at the Sunday dinner about how she didn’t have no kids so she didn’t know anything about raising them so she should keep her big mouth shut. Phew Lawd, it was bad, bad. She was crying and their momma was crying. And all the sister-in-laws had their lips tight, tight like when a gros catfish is pulling on the line because everybody knew it was true.

Well don’t you know about two years later she got married and had twins and let me tell you those kids turned out to be so sauvage. All the sister-in-laws and cousines would laugh and say, “I wouldn’t let my twins do that!” because of how she used to be but we all felt a little bad for her. I mean they were uncivilized those twins.

So my advice is just to bide your time because one day she’s probably going to have kids of her own and like they say, the trouble comes back three times as bad… not that we wishing that on anyone, right?

Eh ben, c'est tout pour asteur. When I get another question you’ll get another answer.

-Tante Camilla

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