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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Mailbox destroyer needs some Cajun manners

Mailbox destroyer needs some Cajun manners

On Saturday, April 21, someone demolished our mailbox in front of our home on Hwy. 1 in Cut Off. It was a thorough job!

To that person, here are a few comments we'd like to share:

First, you could have left a note saying "Sorry" or "I'll replace/pay" but you didn't. So sad.

Obviously, your momma didn’t raise you right!

Next, we are terribly grateful one of us wasn't collecting the mail at that time. You might be reading an obituary instead of a “Letter to the Editor”.

And finally, your vehicle must have sustained SOME damage. Our materials to fix our damage totaled $100+ for the box, post, cement, and lettering. We repaired it ourselves, so labor was free.

What is yours?

Well, you know old saying, "Karma's a witch and she knows where you live." Keep that in mind.

We aren't angry but hope you realize that it cost us time, effort to repair, money, and worst of all, the realization that you can't be a good Cajun "neighbor." An honest Cajun would have stepped up. You must be "an e'tranger!" LOL

Here's hoping you are more careful and considerate in the future.

(P.S. It's a felony to tamper or destroy Federal property. You ‘lil hit and run felon, you!)

Sherry & Johnny Robichaux
Cut Off