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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Local teen nabs big bass in Golden Meadow

Local teen nabs big bass in Golden Meadow


Hunter Dantin thought he hooked a redfish.

After all, the 15-year-old Galliano native had caught redfish and catfish at his Golden Meadow honey hole before, and this fish wasn’t pulling like a catfish.

So after a 10-minute fight that wore the fish down, Dantin was shocked when he pulled it to the surface from his spot on the bank.

It was a bass.

A really big bass.

In an area not known for producing particularly large bass in large numbers, Dantin brought in an 8-pound, 6-ounce fish that came in at 20 inches long on Feb. 20.

“I was using small sparkle beetles and I was fishing in a bayou in front of my house,” Dantin said. “I never caught a bass there, mostly catfish, sometimes redfish. I was just really surprised when I saw it was a bass. I kind of freaked out.”

Dantin said he usually fishes a couple times a week in different spots around south Lafourche, sometimes off the road and sometimes in a boat.

He said he hasn’t yet tried to pull another big bass from that spot.

“I have fished up the bayou some and down the bayou some,” Dantin said. “When I catch a big fish I kind of stay away from that area for a while and let that area repopulate.”

Dantin said taking in the big bass was a moment he will always cherish and the fish will soon be mounted and displayed in his home.

“To catch a fish like that down here,” Dantin said, ’it’s really kind of like an once-in-a-lifetime experience.”