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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Local pharmacist honored for years of service

Local pharmacist honored for years of service

Gerald Callais, retired local pharmacist in Golden Meadow, has recently received a gold certificate from the Board of Pharmacy, State of Louisiana, for having served the public in his profession for fifty years.

From June 11, 1965, until June 11, 2015, Gerald has been a registered pharmacist in the south Lafourche / Grand Isle area.

A member of the LCO Class of '59, Gerald's education continued for three years at Nicholls State University, then on to Loyola University for two and one half years, and finally finishing up at Northeastern University Pharmacy School in 1965.

“My graduating class from LCO was special in many ways but most unique was the fact that three future pharmacists graduated from that class. Robert Toups and Elmo Gautreaux and myself all became pharmacists,”

Gerald said. “And we all worked in the south Lafourche area for most of our careers.”

Clinic Drug Store came into existence in Golden Meadow in 1968 and is a local fixture in that community.

“In the early years the store became a family enterprise with both daughters, Kelly and Lynn, and my son Tim, working there,” stated Gerald. “Working twelve to fourteen hours a day for six days a week, having the kids around was a way to stay close.”

During some of the busiest times, as many as 250 to 300 prescriptions a day were filled. Gerald reached out to the marine industry to increase his business. Clinic Drug Store began to equip vessels with medical and pharmaceutical supplies.

Gerald also filled prescriptions for marine personnel and fishermen at all hours so they could return to their boats.
One of the things Gerald is most proud of is that his son, Tim, followed in his footsteps and became a pharmacist.

Tim graduated in 1998 and began working at Clinic Drug Store (this time as a pharmacist) about ten years ago around the time of Katrina.

Since Gerald retired a couple of years ago, Tim has become owner of the store and continues serving the families and their descendents his dad served for fifty years.

Not long after Gerald retired, Sue, his wife of fifty years, passed away. Since that time, his activities have been limited although he enjoys visiting with family members along with his grown children and the six grandchildren they have blessed him with. Some of his favorite times comes from seeing old classmates and friends as they spend time digging up memories from the past.

Gerald says this certificate is a great honor and serves as a welcomed reminder of the hard work he put in to building a successful business and the many friends he has served over the years.