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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Local Law Firm Offers free Important Informational Toolkit for Maritime Workers

Local Law Firm Offers free Important Informational Toolkit for Maritime Workers

The maritime attorneys at The Young Firm in New Orleans focus exclusively on maritime personal injury cases for offshore workers, rig workers, vessel workers as well as others in the maritime industry. The Young Firm has been serving the interest of workers in the marine industry for over four decades and would like to their expertise to work for you.

What is their secret weapon in supporting maritime workers who’ve suffered an injury? It’s a free toolkit of critical information, one of the only informational toolkits in the state of Louisiana specifically for maritime workers.

This toolkit contains information that most in the maritime industry never learn, some of which your company would rather you not know. Even Captains know how valuable this information is and order it for their crews.

The toolkit is absolutely free and answers some of the most crucial questions related to maritime injuries:
- Will going back to work after an injury hurt you?
- How much money should your company pay for your medical & living expenses?
- Can your company fire you after an injury?
- What options do you have when you’ve been hurt?
- Should you settle your case on your own or hire an attorney?
- What’s the difference between a maritime attorney and a personal injury attorney?

When a worker sustains an injury on the job, it can be the scariest times in a person’s life. Physical pain associated with the injury, financial strain from the loss of earning potential, and the fear and uncertainty of an unclear future can place a substantial burden on injured offshore workers and their families.

Living with Danger

It’s no secret that the maritime industry is one of the more dangerous industries in the U.S. In such a hazardous environment where crews are pushed to deliver more in less time, on less sleep, and with less manpower, injuries are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. And rarely are the injuries simply happenstance. Rather, many injuries are a result of some negligence on the employer’s fault. It’s important that maritime workers be for of an injury that can throw their lives and the lives of their families into chaos. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

“You may never have thought you’d be in this position, never thought that you’d be forced to make these hard decisions about your future. And while it may seem like few really understand what you’re going through, many of our clients have been in the same boat, fighting for the future they worked so hard to build. The good news is they came out on the other side; they got through all the pain and uncertainty and emerged from it all on steady ground with a clear vision of their life ahead. With our guidance, you can, too,” said Tim Young, owner and leader of The Young Firm team.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is a powerful tool in the fight to claim the rights and benefits available to those with a workplace injured. Whether you work on a barge, platform, ship, or other marine structure, you need the information contained in this toolkit, which is available free to all maritime workers. The fact of the matter is, maritime work is hard enough without the threat of losing everything because of an injury looming over your head.

“I am a licensed mariner and also have served as an Expert Witness on occasion. Many mariners do not know their rights under the ‘Jones Act’. Over the past few months I have been attempting to educate my crew as to what their rights are, what they need to do and what the companies responsibilities are in case they may be injured while onboard or coming to the vessel as well as going home. I have read the toolkit information and I feel it would help my crew as well as their families when needed.” –Captain Gary H.

Be prepared. Request your free toolkit today!

“Don’t wait until you’re already injured to get the knowledge that you need to secure your future. This toolkit contains the type of critical information that may literally be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you after your accident,” says Young.
Get the toolkit and gain the valuable knowledge that you will need to be in the best position to take action.

Click here to request your free toolkit!