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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Local group voices opinion on LPSB decisions

Local group voices opinion on LPSB decisions

A group of parents was recently made aware that regular calculus, physics, and chemistry II classes would no longer be offered to students at their high school campuses in Lafourche, but offered only at the AP level at the Career Magnet Center (CMC) in Lockport. As concerned citizens and advocates for our children, we organized our effort and met with the LPSB superintendent to address our concerns.

Among these were issues of safety, logistics, liability and cost effectiveness, choice and discriminatory practices, conflict with other school activities, and the continuous changes to the original plans for the CMC. We did not request for the AP courses to return to the schools, only the reevaluation and reversal of the decision to remove the non-AP versions from the schools to give many students the opportunity to receive a base knowledge of these subjects for their future college success. The response was that LPSB was following state mandated directives because these courses are elective in nature and not required for graduation or TOPS, and that appropriate communication of the phase out was presented to all parents during the 2013-2014 school year. Many of our concerns, especially safety, were not answered. Also, no one can produce documentation of the communication of this phase out.

In our disappointment with the district’s response, we contacted the state superintendent and were told that this was a local issue. We readdressed concerns to all LPSB members though an email campaign, and, along with students who are directly affected by this phase out, were able to voice them at the LPSB Academics Committee meeting. The proposal from the committee was for the LPSB to provide options that “may” offer a solution. In this frustrating process, we have been given different reasons as to why these classes are being removed. First, the decision was in line with state mandates and the sole decision of the superintendent. Next, this became a budget issue, consequently, around the time the public became aware of the district’s proposal to add a 1% sales tax in Lafourche. Now, it seems to be placed at the feet of administrators, who have been following guidelines from the district, and are now tasked with staffing issues. We have offered options to the district to no avail. We ask that the public voice their opinion on this matter to their LPSB representative. For more information, contact

Bridget Bailleaux, Spokesperson

Lafourche Parish Crusade for Students