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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Local authorities report recent arrests Sept 19 - 25

Local authorities report recent arrests Sept 19 - 25

The following information is based on reports from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. Those individuals have been booked with, not convicted of, the offenses shown. All accuse should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Andre B. Adams, 54, Lockport. IWC (M).

Kendra Michelle Morris, 29, Houma. Fugitive (9cts.).

Jamie Prestenbach, 28, Houma. Battery of a P/O. Poss./dist. of drug para. Poss. of meth. Less than 28 grams (F).

Pharonte Kurt Robertson, 27, Thibodaux. Contempt of court (3cts.).

Kenneth Tillman, 28, Houma. Contempt of court (2cts.).

Brandon Barnes, 31, Houma. Illegal carrying of weapon in presence of CDS (F). Poss. w/intent to dist. marijuana. poss./dist. of drug paraphernalia (M). Poss. of methamphetamine less than 28 grams (F).

Kerry Gant, 28, Raceland. Contempt of court.

Garrett Sheets, 32, Bourg. Fugitive (9cts.).

Louisiana State Police

Erick Brunner, 33, Labadieville. Contempt of court.

Thibodaux Police Department

Ernest Charles Clayton IV, 24, Gramercy. Simple kidnapping (ATT.) (F). Simple battery (M).

Jerome A. Smith, 55, Thibodaux. Fugitive. Theft of goods (principal) (M).

Anthony Wilson, 29, Napoleonville. DAB w/child end. (M).

Lockport Police Department

Brett Loupe, 22, Lockport. Contempt of court (2cts.).

Louisiana Department of Probation and Parole

Dante Brown, 32, Houma. Violation of probation/parole.


                                                    SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Joshua Jacob Comardelle, 40, Des Allemands. Contempt of court (3cts.)

Scott J. Punch, 46, Houma. Contempt of court (3cts.)

Robert Gilbert, 38, Thibodaux. Simple criminal damage to property (misd).

Tierra Shanla Atkins, Raceland. Distribution/manufacture of cocaine (felony) (principal).

Trevor Michael Cheramie, 35, Larose. Contempt of court.

Ronnie Michael Stevens, 20, Larose. Possession or distribution of drug paraphernalia (misd). Possession of firearm/carry.concealed weapon by convicted felon (felony).

Ernest Joseph Bellanger, III, 34, Mathews. Contempt of court.

Rebecca Hickox, 44, Golden Meadow. Contempt of court.

Jarda Westley-Dunnaway, 33, Houma. Contempt of court (6cts.).

Thibodaux Police Department

Welsey Douglas Anderson, 49, Thibodaux. Contempt of court.

Anthony Noel, Jr., 26, Thibodaux. Poss./dist of drug para. Poss. of marijuana (1st). Illegal use of CDS in presence of persons under 17 yrs old.

Iniquaite Jasonna Walker, 22, Thibodaux. Poss./dist of drug para. Poss. of marijuana (1st). Illegal use of CDS in presence of persons under 17 yrs old.

Torrey Joseph Barlow, Sr., 37, Raceland. Hit and run. Driving with no personal injury (Misd.) (2cts.). DWI (1st).

Golden Meadow Police Department

Kenneth Lee Wheeler, Jr., 41, New Orleans. Simple escape.

Reed Allen Wood, 43, Cut Off. Harboring a fugitive.

Zoe Charpentier, 23, Cut Off. Contempt of court.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

Lafourche Parrish Sheriff’s Office

Billy Micheal Coleman, 34, Raceland. Flight from an officer (misd).

Darren Anderson, 33, Houma. Contempt of court (2cts.).

Jason Gautreaux, 27, Lockport. Contempt of court (8cts.)

Jayquan Chenier, 20, Thibodaux. Illegal possession of stolen things.

Kerrionte Butler, 18, Thibodaux. Illegal possession of stolen things, resisting an officer.

Cory Cortez, 24, Raceland. Contempt of court (2cts.)

Kevin Morrison, 38, Bourg. Criminal mischief. Tampering with property (3cts.). Theft. Unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling.

Terry Folse, Jr., 23, Raceland. Distribution/manufacture crack/cocaine.

Dillon Toups, 26, Gheens. Contempt of court (2cts.).

Bruce Edward Mayer, III, 20, Raceland. Contempt of court.

Randy Barnes, 44, Lockport. Fugitive of Terrebonne Parish. Contempt of court (2cts.). Bicycles front lamps rear lamps req. Poss./dist. of drug paraphernalia. Poss. of methamphetamine.

Coby Thibodeaux, 25, Raceland. Offroad vehicles; permits for use on shoulders of highways. Flight from an officer. Contempt of court.

Quincie Gray, 54, Raceland. Contempt of court.

Devin Falgout, 23, Lockport. Bicycles, front lamps, rear lamps req. Illegal carrying of weapons.

James Shelvy, 26, Raceland. Contempt of court (5cts.).

Terrance Hadley, 22, Raceland. Fugitive of Terrebonne Parish (5cts.). Monetary instrument abuse. Theft of a firearm.

Dustin Stephenson, 30, Houma. Fugitive of Terrebonne Parish.

Kacy Dufrene, 37, Gheens. Contempt of court.

Rachel Bouregeois, 30, Galliano. Contempt of court (6cts.).

Thibodaux Police Department

Brent Ford, 58, Thibodaux. Terrorizing.

Mason Richard, 21, Thibodaux. Aggravated assault (2cts.). Simple battery.

Quentin Mouton, 25, Houma. Contempt of court. Fugitive of Terrebonne Parish (2cts.)

Billy Coleman, 34, Raceland. Domestic abuse battery w/child endangerment (MISD).

John Tillman, 38, Thibodaux. Violation of protective orders.

Travis Laperouse, 26, Houma. Contempt of court.

Golden Meadow Police Department

Dwayne Lee, 26, Golden Meadow. Contempt of court.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

William Massey, 26, Thibodaux. Security req. Expired driver’s license. Aggravated criminal damage to property. Hit and run driving w/no personal injury.

Scott Vizier, 49, Larose. Contempt of court (2cts).

Justin Comeaux, 25, Paradis. Dist. of methamphetamine (2cts).

Bryan Bonvillain, 26, Houma. Domestic abuse battery.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Phillip Washington, Jr., 28, Houma. Fugitive of Terrebonne (2cts).

Louis Joseph Aucoin Jr., 45, Gibson. Fugitive.

Scott Joseph Curtis Jr., 34, Thibodaux. Theft by shoplifting (M).

Jeffery M. Porche, 26, Gray. Domestic abuse battery involving strangulation with child endangerment (F).

Jonathan McDowell, 24, Raceland. Violation of probation/parole.

Chasity Lynn Collier, 40, Golden Meadow. Contempt of court (4cts).

Sacha Rena Robling, 26, Golden Meadow. Simple battery. Unauthorized entry of inhab. dwelling.

Thibodaux Police Department

Tori Touchard, 20, Dulac. Aggravated flight from an officer. Poss. of marijuana (2nd). Headlights required.

Steven P. Davis, 47, Gray. Poss. of oxicodone (F). Poss./dist. of drug para.

Perrion Smith, 25, Thibodaux. Violation of probation/parole. Bicycles-front lamps, rear lamps, side and rear reflectors required between sunset and sunrise.

Jmikel Anthony Verdin, 23, Labadieville. Fugitive.

Louisiana Department of Probation and Parole

Courtney Christen, 25, Des Allemands. Violation of probation/parole.

Golden Meadow PoliceDepartment

Jamica Ann Taylor, 30, Galliano. Contempt of court (3cts.)

SEPTEMBER 24, 2016

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Tiffany Marie Adams, 29, Thibodaux. Contempt of court.

Jasyne Brandon Madison, 37, Houma. Contempt of court.

Marty Christopher Stevens, Jr., 27, Thibodaux. Fugitive.

Matthew James Lee, 29, Larose. Contempt of court.

Lee Smith, 52, Thibodaux. Criminal mischief-filing a false police report. Aggravated assault (misd).

Danny A. Jarvis. 56, Belle Rose. Issuing worthless checks (felony).

Hunter Michael Chauvin, 20, Bayou Blue. Contempt of court (4cts).

Thibodaux Police Department

Jere Joseph, 19, Thibodaux. Fugitive (2cts).

Anderson Fleander Soco, 63, Thibodaux. Misrepresentation during booking (misd). Enter/remain after being forbidden-immovable structure.

Louisiana State Police

Shane P. Dufrene, 26, Lockport. DWI 2nd offense. Improper lane usage.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2016

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Kenneth Lee Benoit, 34, Houma. Contempt of court (3cts). Resisting an officer w/force or violence.

Erlin Joel Borjas, 27, Larose. Contempt of court. (2cts).

David Joseph Boudreaux, 35, Mathews. Violation of probation/parole.

Thomas Hargroves, Jr., 36, Bayou Blue. Simple Battery (principal) (M).

Brent M. Ledet, 28, Cut Off. Contempt of court.

Richard D. Williams, 22, Golden Meadow. Simple battery (principal).

Thibodaux Police Department

Kevin Ronald LeBlanc, 29, Belle Rose. Domestic abuse battery with child endangerment (misd).

Marquita Tashebia Brown, 32, Thibodaux. Fugitive.