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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Local authorities report recent arrests: June 28 - 30

Local authorities report recent arrests: June 28 - 30

The following information is based on reports from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. Those individuals have been booked with, not convicted of, the offenses shown. All accused should be presumed innocent until proved guilty.

JUNE 28, 2013

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Jarrett Arceneaux, 29, 1939 St. Mary St., Thibodaux. Violation of probation/parole.

Vietta Turner, 22, 358 Comeaux Dr., Lockport. Contempt of court (3 cts).

Zachary Faucheaux, 24, 606 Country Club Blvd., Thibodaux. Fugitive of Terrebonne (2 cts).

Randy Gilton, 49, 614 St. Ann St., Raceland. Simple criminal damage to property, simple battery, sexual battery, home invasion, domestic abuse battery.

Jovanta Robertson, 25, 171 Triple Oaks, Raceland. Contempt of court (4 cts).

Brock Landry, 29, 178 E. 49th St., Cut Off. Sentence imposed.

Jovan Anderson, 26, 1030 B People St., Thibodaux. License plate – improper display, temporary registration plates, driver must be licensed.

Michael Neilson, 42, 139 School Lane, Thibodaux. Fugitive.

Therese Black, 48, 224 North High St., Philpi, WV. Domestic abuse battery.

Sampson Guidry, 22, 16980 W. Main St., Cut Off. Simple criminal damage to property, resisting an officer w/force or violence, poss. or dist. of drug para., negligent injuring, headlamps for motor vehicles & motorcycles, exp. motor vehicle inspection, evidence of compulsory motor vehicle liability security contained in vehicle.

Thibodaux Police Department

David Barnett, 44, 102 Maranda, Houma. Contempt of Thibodaux City Court.

Jonathan Barquet, 24, 108 Truman Circle, Apt. 43, Thibodaux. Possession or dist. of drug para., domestic abuse battery with child endangerment.

Louisiana State Police

Sarah Rankin, 57, 109 Elizabeth Dr., Lot 14, Des Allemands. DWI 2nd offense, poss. of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicle.

JUNE 29, 2013

Thibodaux Police Department

Perrion Smith, 22, 204 Ridgeway St., Thibodaux. Fugitive.

Troy Trebuoq, 127 St. Mary St., Vacherie. Theft of goods.

Gerard Folse, 22, 1018 Hwy. 20 Thibodaux. Theft.

Brian Stickel, 49, 1232 Hwy. 1, Thibodaux. Aggravated rape (2 cts).

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Aimee Bergeron, 33, 208 Holley St., Houma. Careless operation, poss. of hydrocodone, poss. of soma, poss. of marijuana 1st offense, DWI 1st offense.

Jace Ricouard, 30, 218 Cypress Court Trailer Park, Gray. Domestic abuse battery involving strangulation.

Amanda Avila, 29, 121 W. 58th St., Cut Off. Child desertion 3 cts, resisting an officer, suspension/revocation/cancellation of licenses, jud’l review, theft by shoplifting.

Gwendolyn Tabor, 53, 4421 Bouquet St., Bourg. DWI.

Stacey Molaison, 39, 1171 Hwy. 304, Thibodaux. DWI, stop signs and yield signs.

Louisiana State Police

Roger Guerre-Olivas, 33, 8925 Main St., Houma. DWI 1st offense, stop signs and yield signs, driver must be licensed.

John Roath, 61, 106 B Solar Trailer Pk., Thibodaux. DWI 2nd, careless operation.

Mikia Bacchus, 27, 1819 Bay Ave., Hampton, VA. Careless operation, DWI.

JUNE 30, 2013

Thibodaux Police Department

Bruce Diggs, 27, 2620 Isabel St., Houma. Resisting an officer, disturbing the peace, engaging in a fistic encounter.

Cedric Peters, 34, 213 Gumpoint Lane, Franklin. Battery on a police, resisting an officer, disturbing the peace, engaging in a fistic encounter.

Braxton Mitchel, 23, 210 Mitchell St., Franklin. Resisting an officer, disturbing the peace, engaging in a fistic encounter.

Davon Cook, 17, 2525 Veterans Blvd., Thibodaux. Simple battery.

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Lacey Gaspard, 20, 115 Bankers Court, Apt. D, Pierre, LA. DWI 1st, careless operation, failure to carry registration in vehicles.

Herman Newton, 35, 603 Panama Dr., Crestview, FL. Disturbing the peace, appearing in an intoxicated condition, enter/remain after being forbidden.

Isreal Ceballos, 24, 213 Shirley Lee St., Bayou Blue. Indecent behavior with juveniles.

Tyrone Jackson, 24, 212 Eau Clair Dr., Thibodaux. Violation of probation/parole.

Damoz Folse, 20, 462 Triple Oaks Dr., Raceland. Driver must be licensed, exp. motor vehicle inspection, poss. of marijuana (3rd and subsequent offenses), resisting an officer, poss. of suboxone (3 cts).

Marquel Gray, 20, 813 St. Louis, Raceland. Simple burglary.