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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Local authorities report recent arrests: Feb. 2 - 9

Local authorities report recent arrests: Feb. 2 - 9

The following information is based on reports from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. Those individuals have been booked with, not convicted of, the offenses shown. All accused should be presumed innocent until proved guilty.

FEBRUARY 2, 2014

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Cory Cheramie, 46, 164 E. 179th St., Golden Meadow. Contempt of court, aggravated battery w/dangerous weapon (open charge), resisting an officer (open charge).

FEBRUARY 3, 2014

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Anthony Heims, 37, 2207 South Edwards Ave., Gonzales, LA. Contempt of court.

Jessica Bryan, 27, 4890 Hwy. 90 East, Des Allemands. Simple arson, inhabited dwelling.

Shawn Meier, 24, 211 St. Agnes Dr., Bourg. Revocation of parole for violation of condition.

FEBRUARY 7, 2014

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Jeffery Gales, 49, 535 Dantin St., Raceland. Contempt (3 cts).

Carol Charpentier, 56, 3208 Lorraine Park, Houma. Contempt.

Traveyon Blackledge, 18, 128 Sugarcane Way, Thibodaux. First degree murder (felony) (2 cts), contempt, dist./manuf. crack cocaine (felony).

Scott Callais, 48, 517 W. 13th St., Larose. Contempt of court.

Mark Helveston, 36, 24138 McHenry Road, Saucier, MS. DWI (1st offense), one way roadways and rotary traffic islands.

Thibodaux Police Department

Dominique Beamon, 24, 1732 S. Barbier Ave., Thibodaux. Theft, simple criminal damage to property (felony), simple burglary of inhabited dwelling (felony), simple battery, intimidating impeding or injuring witness/officers-intimidation (felony).

Brandon Robertson, 26, 77 Marie Dr, Avondale. Contempt of court, following vehicle, operating a vehicle with suspended license; other offenses.

Stephen Sullivan, 32, 126 Brunet St., Schriever. Contempt of court (3 cts), fugitive, domestic abuse battery, simple criminal damage to property, theft of goods, resisting an officer.

Kaydell Pollard, 21, 1600 Badt Ave., Apt. 10, Thibodaux. Contempt of court, resisting an officer.

FEBRUARY 8, 2014

Louisiana State Police

Billie Freeze, 46, 456 North Oak St., Lockport. DWI (1st offense), headlights required.

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Jeremy Jack, 20, 148 Beham Court, Thibodaux. Fugitive of Terrebonne.

Henry Braud, 50, 124 Constant Dr., Thibodaux. Contempt of court.

Shaun Guidry, 28, 300 Hwy. 20, Thibodaux. Simple assault, simple criminal damage to property.

Quentin Royal, 27, 312 St. Charles By Pass Road, Thibodaux. Contempt of court.

Dejarris Singleton, 25, 177 Daggs St., Belle Rose. Contempt of court (5 cts).

Thibodaux Police Department

Sanders Fleanders, 33, 1200 Louise St., Apt. 107, Thibodaux. Domestic abuse battery w/child endangerment, domestic abuse battery.

Deonte Truehill, 21, 215 Pierre St., Plattenville, LA. Resisting an officer, switched plates, operating vehicle with suspended license, no licensed issued, exp. motor vehicle inspection, aggravated flight from an officer (felony), simple criminal damage to property (felony), domestic abuse battery involving strangulation w/child endangerment (felony).

Dylan Fanguy, 18, 4172 Hwy. 56, Houma. Contempt of court (2 cts).

Herman Williams, 50, 171 L & M Ct,. Apt. A, Gray. Issuing worthless checks.

Draper Flakes, 35, 1337 Ledet Dr., Thibodaux. Simple battery.

FEBRUARY 9, 2014

Thibodaux Police Department

Joey Gray, 36, 1835 Calf Run Ct., Lot 17, Schriever. Contempt of court.

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Paul Lirette, 21, 2379 Hwy. 1, Raceland. Contempt of court.

Glenn Lee, 25, 137 E. 44th St., Cut Off. Fugitive.

Coby Thibodaux. 22, 462 St. Ann St., Raceland. Contempt of court.

Quentin Lawson, 31, 299 Brocato Lane, Raceland. Fugitive.

Jerrard Major, 35, 223 Brocato Lane, Raceland. First degree murder (felony) (2 cts).

Burnell Francis, 43, 106 Jude Dr., Thibodaux. Domestic abuse battery, aggravated assault.

Grand Isle Arrests

FEBRUARY 2, 2014

Kendell Hebert, 27, P.O. Box 127, Grand Isle. Grand Isle warrant (4 cts), contempt of court.

FEBRUARY 3, 2014

Frank Marullo, 65, 133 Medical Ave., Grand Isle. Violation of protective order.

FEBRUARY 5, 2014

Lexie Bradberry, 26, 199 Santiny Lane, Grand Isle. Theft.