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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Local authorities report recent arrests: Aug. 29 - Sept. 2

Local authorities report recent arrests: Aug. 29 - Sept. 2

The following information is based on reports from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. Those individuals have been booked with, not convicted of, the offenses shown. All accused should be presumed innocent until proved guilty.

AUGUST 29, 2013

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Kelly Matherne, 35, 3058 Privateer Blvd., Barataria. DWI 2nd, driving on roadway laned for traffic.

Roger Thomas, 49, Apple In, Room 208, Larose. Remaining after being forbidden, vagrancy.

Joel Barrios, 24, 231 Maloney, Des Allemands. Creation or op of clandestine lab for the unlawful manuf. of CDS (felony).

Brandon Powell, 21, Peterson Lane, Galliano. Contempt.

Dwight Caton, 32, 1803 Martin Luther King, Houma. Contempt.

Phoenix Barkman, 35, 231 Maloney Rd., Des Allemands. Creation or op of clandestine lab for the unlawful manuf. of cds.

Thibodaux Police Department

Drew Alexander, 27, 18093 Woodhaven Dr., Prairieville. Masturbation.

AUGUST 30, 2013

Louisiana State Police

Leonard Dufrene, 54, 824 Grand Bayou. Paradis. DWI 1st, speeding.

Lyndi Martin, 28, 3504 Murphy Rd., Paulina, LA. Fugitive of St. James.

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Corey Southall, 36, 865 Serinity Dr, Thibodaux. Contempt.

David Taylor, 54, 229 E. 11th St., Lockport. Theft (felony).

Jaydon Galliano, 19, 260 W. 151st St., Galliano. Simple battery.

Coby Thibodeaux, 21, 462 St. Ann St., Raceland. Contempt of court.

Robert Bourgeois, 45, 362 W. 59th St., Cut Off. Contempt of court.

Brian Reynolds, 30, 7828 Hwy. 308, Lockport. Possession of heroin, poss. of drug. para.

Jesse Holtzclaw, 32, 729 Ave H., Bogalusa, LA. Contempt of court.

Kenny Turner, 31, 1446 Louise St, Apt. 8, Thibodaux. Contempt of court (5 cts).

Carlton Wagner, 25, 1274 St. Charles St., Thibodaux. Probation violation warrant.

Max Matherne, 25, 350 Dantin St., Raceland. Contempt of court.

Jennifer Landreneaux, 30, 131 E. 2nd St., Larose. Fugitive of Terrebonne Parish.

Thibodaux Police Department

Randy Pearson, 36, 140 Tryon St., Apt. 4, Honesdale, PA. DWI 2nd, driving on roadway laned for traffic.

Shannon McIntyre, 24, 403 Carol St., Lot A, Thibodaux. Fugitive of Terrebonne Parish.

AUGUST 31, 2013

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Kevin Smith, 51, 109 Bertha Lane, Raceland. Possession of drug para., poss. of cocaine, violation of uniform cds law, parole violation.

Almonzo Thibodaux, 31, 657 Brulle Guillot, DWI 3rd, careless operation.

Darryl Amacker, 39, 132 Greenville St., Raceland. Fugitive of Terrebonne Parish for child support.

Tyrone Scott, 27, 1316 Lasseigne Rd., Thibodaux. Leased movable, poss. drug para., dialing 911 (2 cts).

James Stallworth, 26, 200 Delta Dr., Lockport. Contempt of court (2 cts).

Joseph Julien, Jr., 45, 307 Choctaw Rd., Thibodaux. Failure of sex offender to notify law enforcement of change of address or other restrictions info, domestic abuse battery involving strangulation w/child endangerment.

Thibodaux Police Department

Kemoyne Matthews, 21, 1507 Eagle Dr., Thibodaux. Aggravated flight from an officer, reckless operation, no driver’s license.

Lynes Green, Jr., 18, 800 Winder Rd., Thibodaux. Resisting, illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities.

Curtis Maryland, Jr., 3623 Friendswood Dr., Houma. Simple battery, scdtp.

Bryce Berthelot, 21, 39435 Bayou Pigeon Rd., Plaquemine, LA. Contempt of court.

Kerry Mearidy, 54, 129 Marietta Place, Gray. Theft of utility service, headlights required, dus.

Michael Hawkins, 26, 204 Bryant St., Thibodaux. Fugitive of St. James Parish.


Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Mark O’Neal, 24, 176 W. 79th St., Cut Off. Contempt of curt, probation violation warrant.

Irvin Gales, Jr., 61, 103 Brocato Lane, Raceland. Contempt of court.

Michael Johnson, 21, 112 Park Ave., Thibodaux. Illegal use of weapon, resisting an officer, illegal carry of weapon, poss. of firearm by convicted felon, contempt of court.

Amber Miller, 19, 218 Nate Lane, Bourg. SCDTP (felony).

Jovon Rago, 36, 177 E. 123rd St., Galliano. Contempt of court (3 cts).

Eva Smith, 30, 120 Jason St., Larose. Contempt of court.

Marshall Cooks, Sr., 25, 266 Bon Jovi Blvd., Gray. DUS, headlamps for motor vehicle and motorcycles, pwitd marijuana.

Freddie Luther, Jr., 45, 228-A Highland Dr., Thibodaux. Contempt of court.

Carlton Ellis, 17, 206 Ridgeway St., Thibodaux. Possession of marijuana (1st offense).

Clarence Sims, 51, 305 St. Frances Rd., Houma. Illegal poss. of stolen firearm.


Thibodaux Police Department

Vaughn Robertson, 21, 506 Summerfield Dr., Thibodaux. Contempt of court, fugitive of Terrebonne (2 cts).

Ashley Hood, 30, 637 Olive St., Thibodaux. Contempt of court.

Chelsea Jones, 21, 1017 Ridgefield Rd., Thibodaux. Resisting an officer.

Lawrence Mack, 54, 938 St. Charles St., Thibodaux. Contempt of court.

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

Howard Thomas, 43, 443 St. Phillip St., Raceland. Peeping tom.

Roy Caine, Jr., 25, 205 Sonny St., Houma. Possession or dist. of drug para, indecent exposure, indecent or lewd behavior, resisting an officer, violation of uniform controlled dangerous substances law, poss. of marijuana (2nd offense).

James Martin, 29, 121 Delatte Rd., Choctaw. Contempt of court.

Damon Brown, 22, 112 B Park Ave., Thibodaux. Possession of marijuana 2nd offense, poss. of firearm/carry concealed weapon by a convicted felon, aggravated assault with a firearm.

 Magdiel Cedillo, 38, 302 Barrow St., Morgan City. Contempt of court (2 cts).

Hope Hebert, 41, 114 Green Acres Dr., Chackbay. Distribution of oxymorphone hydrochloride.

Jonathan Southall, 47, 1709 Midland Dr., Thibodaux. Contempt of court, fugitive of Terrebonne (2 cts).

Theresa Ledet, 41, 327 Elm Dr., Raceland. Simple assault, domestic abuse battery.

Joshua Thibodaux, 23, 15823 E. Main St., Cut Off. Contempt of court (4 cts).