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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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Local athlete, businessman emphasizes power of choices

Local athlete, businessman emphasizes power of choices

A study conducted by USA Today in 2006 indicated that the average human being makes about 35,000 choices in the average day. That’s one choice for about every 2.5 seconds of the day.

To wake up on time or to sleep that extra 10 minutes? To dress casually or to wear a t-shirt and shorts? To exercise or to relax? To marry or to stay single? To drive after drinking or to call a taxi? The choices go on and on and dominate everything that we do throughout every stage of life.

Knowing that this phenomena exists in life and knowing that some struggle to stay on the right track is motivation to one local, who created a company to remind folks to choose love and peace in their lives.

Well-known former local athlete and current businessman Clarence “Moe” Moore recently created Choices, a Larose-based clothing company that is seeking to change the ways in which people see the world. Through its designs, the company seeks to “sell a message to enrich the lives of people who struggle with the choices in life.”

“This design and idea stems from a conversation I had with my father many years ago in which he said, ‘The greatest gift that God gave us was the ability to choose,’” Moore said when asked where the idea started. “We have a choice in everything we do in life. If we are headed down the wrong path, we can make a choice to stop right there and go back the other way. My dad’s words have never left me, and I have shared them with many people over the years. … Each day that we are blessed to be alive, we have choices to make, but our choices need to be in line with God.”

The words that inspired Moore were spoken many moons ago. But the decision to push forward and turn it into a full-fledged company and clothing line were sparked by recent happenings in the world.

Moore said current events within the world showed him that we needed change in the world. Racial tensions, hate crimes and other negative news events sparked a strong passion within Moore, who said he wanted to create a grassroots movement to show people that we’d strayed from the path of righteous and were in need of a new take on life.

That’s where the shirts come in. With the word “CHOICES” laid out on a t-shirt with the “I” a religious cross, the clothing aims to inspire and remind folks that we can always do better – both for ourselves and to one another – if we just simply choose to do so.

The company’s Facebook says the brand is not only a clothing line, but a movement. “We struggle with daily choices in life that we make, this brand serves as a reminder!”

“I’ve been having this idea for a few years now, and I guess I just never had the courage to push through with it until this past December,” Moore said. “With everything that was going on in our country in relation to the Mike Brown issue in Ferguson, I felt that it was time to put something out into the world that was positive. Something that with one look, you knew exactly what was expected of you.”

Moore said the entire process has been inspirational and motivational for he, his wife and his children. Moore said he’s received a lot of positive feedback since the idea’s started, and that a lot of people have enjoyed the shirts.
On the company’s website, a scrolling slideshow features several people wearing the brand, including both Moore and former New York Knicks All-Star shooting guard Allan Houston.

Moore said the plans are to continue growing the brand and supporting positivity to all who need the reminder. The goal ultimately is to make the world a place of peace where more people live in ways in line with the word of God.

“This journey has been truly an inspiration for me and my family,” Moore said. “Sometimes when stepping out on faith, you never really know just where certain roads will lead you. I can honestly say that it hasn’t been an easy road thus far, but I know I’m headed in the right direction with this. By the local support that has been received, I can only pray that God continues to give me the strength to see this through.”

To date, proceeds from sales by the newly-formed company has helped to support local families going through illnesses or other situations in which go-fund-me accounts have been set up. The goal is to raise money to help give back to the community in which the Moore family live and work.

To visit the Choices brand online, visit the t-shirt line’s official website at: They can also be found on Facebook

Pictured wearing Choices shirts are (left to right) Gabby, Ava, Kylie, Aaron and Channing Moore, children of Clarence “Moe” and Lynn Moore, founders of Choices.