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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Local among 3 killed in Williams explosion

Local among 3 killed in Williams explosion

Colby Rebstock believes that he had the best Parran the world has ever seen.

He’s a Godfather gone from the world in the flesh, but who Rebstock believes is now an angel that is protecting both he and others in his family from a perch in heaven.

Cut Off native Casey Ordoyne was one of three men killed last Thursday in an explosion and fire at a Williams Gasoline plant in Gibson, just outside of Houma in Terrebonne Parish. Two others were injured in the accident, which is still being investigated by authorities.

Ordoyne was a Danos employee and the son of Judy and the late Aldred Ordoyne. He was married to Jennifer Ordoyne. Together, they shared two children, 6-year-old Westin and 3-year-old Natalie.

Those closest to him remember his warmth, love and rich passion Ordoyne had for those he cared about most. Rebstock remembers him as the embodiment of what one’s Parran is meant to be: a man who acted right and set a proper example for those around him.

“Casey is a very special person to me and many more,” Rebstock said. “He was such a good-hearted and loving person. … I know he will always be watching over all of us.”

To those who knew Ordoyne best, he was a man who dedicated his life to his children.

Ordoyne’s only sibling Amy (Colby’s mother) said her little brother was one of the best fathers she’s ever seen. The older sister said that Ordoyne would always do anything for his kids, including working long hours and odd jobs to make ends meet and make sure that Westen and Natalie never wanted for anything.

Ordoyne was a welder. He had been one for most-all of his adult life.

“He did whatever he could to protect those kids,” Amy Ordoyne said. “They knew that their dad loved them.”
By all accounts, little Westin was his father’s shadow. Ordoyne is the grandson of the late Harris Dufrene, a well-known local cattleman. Ordoyne picked up the family traded and loved being outdoors herding or rounding up cattle. On trips in recent years, young Westin was always there for the ride.

The father bought his son a horse at a young age. It was passion they loved and shared together, like father like son.

Young Natalie has never been quite old enough to do some of the grunt work with her dad like Westin. But she, too, had grown to be a Tom-Girl when out in the pasture because of her father.

The family kept its own garden year-round. The married couple used it as a way to teach their children to appreciate the earth.

“Casey spent a lot of time in his pasture with those two kids,” Rebstock said. “He’d teach them about the horses.

He’d let them ride whenever they wanted to. He ever let his baby boy help him put up fencing. … Those two kids meant the world to Casey.”

Ordoyne’s work at Danos was new. He was a welder at Bollinger for several years before moving on to different things.

The job at the Gibson plant wasn’t expected to be much of a hassle, family members said. Ordoyne was supposed to punch his time clock twice in that day – once to start the day and once to finish it. Once Ordoyne finished it, he was supposed to go home to his loving wife and kids to resume life as normal.

On the average day after work, Ordoyne used to love taking his kids out in the yard. Together, they’d play and play and play for hours, sometimes staying out there until the sun rested out in the Westward sky.

Now the sun has instead set on this local man’s time among us, and he’s grown his wings – left to watch those he loved from afar in the kingdom of Heaven.

He will be missed and never forgotten, according to his Godson who said that his Parran will forever be among his heroes.

“I will never forget that beautiful smile he always wore,” Rebstock said.