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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Live like a legend

Live like a legend

Our community has yet again lost one of the good guys, something it can ill afford to do, because in today’s world, there just aren’t enough of them.

Adrian “Boo” Legendre passed away unexpectedly on Friday, July 17 at the age of 43.

Whether you knew him by Boo, Do-Do, Booster or one of his many other nicknames, you can probably recount one of his legendary tales of adventure. Boo had a knack for making people laugh, oftentimes at his own expense. He was the life of the party, the office and any event he attended. He always found a way to brighten any situation or turn a negative into a positive. He was always full of life and love and lived to make others happy.

But Boo was so much more than just a goofball or a funny guy.

He was a passionate man who made others feel truly special. He went above and beyond to help so many people, never asking for anything in return or for glorification. He was an example of how we should all live.

First and foremost, Boo loved his family. He and his wife Addy’s relationship truly embodied the concept of holy matrimony, when two become one. They shared everything with one another. Although Boo would oftentimes give her a hard time, playing jokes on her and enlisting the help of his daughters to do so, he always boasted about how she is such an amazing wife and mother.

His daughters, Angelique and Angelle, were the lights of his life. Unlike typical teenagers, these girls loved spending time with their Do-Do. He’d take them and their friends tubing in Grand Isle. He’d watch movie marathons and attend cheerleading competitions. He was their biggest fan and they were his.

Boo, the son of Earl and Eva Legendre, valued family more than anything. In July 2011 Boo took over his father’s company, The Lafourche Gazette. He was extremely proud to be carrying on the family business, now in its 50th year.

Boo was an exemplary boss, caring and respecting his employees, making sure they each knew how important they were not only to business operations, but also as a person.

Boo, the son-in-law of Panky and Barbara Christen, was a real estate agent working under his father-in-law at Century 21 American Realty. Boo recently became a licensed broker and had plans to take over the family business in January.

He also was a partner in Coastal Restoration and owned crawfish ponds. Boo was an outdoor enthusiast and often said that his favorite type of work was the type where he could get dirty and enjoy the outdoors.

He was an avid deer hunter and fisherman and enjoyed offshore trips with his cousin and best friend, Ryan Robichaux, and other friends. Last year Boo brought in the top tarpon, weighing in at 188.10 pounds, and was the winner of the Coon Pop Classic.

Boo would always joke about wanting to be a legend and Ryan would always rib him about how he wasn't one.

"Boo would always say, 'You can't spell Legendre without l-e-g-e-n-d,'" Ryan said. "I'd always say, 'Dude, you ain't no legend."

Even though it was all done in jest, Ryan now realizes that in a way, Boo is a legend.

There are many definitions for the word. A map legend is a guide that gives you information to read a map and help you figure out where you’re going.

In life, we all need a guide to help us get to our final destination. Boo’s family and friends hope that others will take his life as an example of how to live our own and let him be our guide, our legend, which will lead us to our eternal home in Heaven.

Boo never cared how much money a person had in their bank account, what clothes they wore or whose elbows he could rub. Boo never met a stranger. His funeral, which was attended by more than 700 people, was a testament to how great of a man he was, to how many lives he touched in just 43 years on Earth.

What greater testament to Boo’s life would it be than for all of us to act the same way he did; to prioritize family and friends over money and power. We all need to follow in his example and live like Boo. We need to not only tell people how important they are to us, but to also show them. We need to reach out to people in all walks of life and make a difference, because you never know whom it may help. We all need to strive to be a legend in our own way because we never know how long we have left.

“I’m going to be a better man, father, and husband from knowing Boo. If half the individuals that made it to his funeral leave with that and take that and grasp that, this world would be a far better place,” said Ryan.

The Legendre family wishes to extend their deepest thanks to the support shown by the community following this tragic loss. The calls, cards, hugs and prayers are greatly appreciated.