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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Levee District moves forward with system improvements

Levee District moves forward with system improvements

As the Atlantic basin hurricane season of 2015 begins and residents of coastal Louisiana start to cast watchful eyes towards the Gulf of Mexico, the South Lafourche Levee District is progressing with a series of improvements on the ring levee system surrounding the 10th Ward.

At the Leon Theriot lock south of Golden Meadow, a sheet pile wall has been installed to a height of 16 feet. The wall will match the height of the gates that were recently raised to that level.

“The levee height in this area has been raised to a height of 18 feet, a bit higher than expected due to some extra material that we were able to make good use of,” said Windell Curole, General Manager of the District.

On the west side of Bayou Lafourche, from the Leon Theriot lock north to near the Apache dock in Golden Meadow, the levee in this segment has been raised from a height of 12 feet to 16 feet.

Clearing work has begun for improvements to the segment from the Apache dock north to the Oakridge Park area in Golden Meadow. This levee section will be raised from a current height of 15 feet to 16 feet. From Oakridge Park in Golden Meadow north to the Cote Blanche Connection roadway in Cut Off is a recently completed $9 million project that was the district’s largest improvement to date. Having begun over two years ago, this lengthy segment was raised to some 16 feet on the southern end and to 13 feet on the northern portion in Cut Off. Work has also been completed on the west side segment running from the Cote Blanche Connection north to the intersection of Louisiana Highway 24 in Larose. This portion of the flood protection system has been raised from a height of approximately 11 feet to 13 feet.

Work in the Adam “Ted” Gisclair floodgates in Larose has raised the gates to a height of 13 feet from an original height of eight feet. These improvements complimented work done on the Intracoastal Canal floodwall where sheet piles were installed to bring the wall to a height of 13 feet above sea level from an original height of seven feet.

On the east side of Bayou Lafourche, from Holy Rosary school to the Intracoastal Canal, sheet piles will be placed on the bayou batture, bringing the flood protection there from a current height of eight feet to a height of 13 feet once work is completed. Improvements are also taking place on the levee segment from the Delta Farms area to near Clovelly. Work here is bringing the levee from a height of 10 feet to 13 feet. Work in the Clovelly area on that portion of levee was recently completed and consisted of raising that levee segment to 13 feet as well.

One of the first completed projects on this round of levee improvements took place on the east side section between the Clovelly area and Breton Canal in Galliano. The levee here was raised from a height of nine feet to a current height of 13 feet over two years ago.

Only a few months of work remain on improvements on the east side section between Breton Canal and the LOOP area in Galliano. This $4 million project will raise this levee segment from some 10 feet to 14 feet once completed. Work was completed a few years ago on the section from the LOOP area south to the Yankee Canal in the Golden Meadow area. Levee heights here were raised from 10 feet to approximately 15 feet and several years ago the segment of levee from Yankee Canal south to the Leon Theriot floodgates was raised from 11 feet to 16 feet.

“We’re spending money in all areas to try and keep the levee system as top notch as possible. We always try to spend our resources wisely and in the best manner possible,” said Curole.